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Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) could be about to be caught out and brought to justice over his domestic abuse of wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) in EastEnders tonight – when a nurse spots bruises on her arms.

Viewers have been horrified by Grays violent attacks against his wife and his deplorable control over her but he has insisted that he will not hurt her again and that her pregnancy has given them another chance. But will his promises to attend therapy actually change him?

Tonight, when Chantelle cuts her hand in an accident, Gray takes her to the hospital but while treating her, the nurse spots bruises on her arm. When Gray is out of earshot, Chantelle is handed a leaflet about domestic abuse – but will she confide in the nurse what is going on behind closed doors?

Later, Gray finds the leaflet and has some questions for Chantelle but will he snap and lose his temper with her again, placing her and her unborn child in more danger?



Recently, he has been trying to fit in with her family but managed to annoy Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) again by getting a laptop for Keegans (Zack Morris) birthday. For his daughters sake, however, Mitch reluctantly made amends with Gray and shook his hand but its clear that he still doesnt think that he is right for his daughter.

While Gray continues to charm the likes of Keegan and Karen, no-one is aware of how much danger Chantelle is in.

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