Adam confronts Gary (Picture: ITV)

Gary Windass (Mikey North) violent behaviour has been spiralling out of control in Coronation Street lately, and tonight he took things to a whole new level when he threatened to put an end to solicitor Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) once and for all.

After overhearing the Weatherfield residents praise Gary for rescuing Ryan (Ryan Preston) from the muggers, Adam knew there was more to the story, and — upon further investigation — he discovered that Gary was, in fact, responsible for the attack.

As a result, he confided in Imran (Charlie de Melo), and both solicitors later confronted Ryan on the matter. However, fearful of what Gary might do should he find out this conversation ever took place, Ryan outright denied that Gary had any involvement. The young lad then informed Gary about Adams private detective, and thus the builder formed a plan of his own to get revenge.



Convinced he had the evidence to prove that Gary was Ryans mysterious attacker, Adam gathered all those present in the Rovers to unveil the photos the PI had sent him. However, the photos had been doctored — and it became apparent that Gary was the one behind it, as hed managed to get the PI to turn his back on Adam.

Later, an infuriated Adam confronted Gary outside the Rovers, but — clever as ever — Gary refused to admit any involvement in the sabotage. However, he proceeded to antagonise the solicitor over his relationship with Sarah (Tina OBrien), claiming that the young woman is clearly settling for second best.

Gary attempted to walk away but, upon further reflection, he rRead More – Source