Whitney and Callum (Picture: BBC)

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) has had the year from hell in EastEnders, after her wedding ended in disaster when Callum Halfway Highway (Tony Clay) revealed that hed slept with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). However, she makes a return to the Square tonight — and shes got some big news in store for her ex-fiancé.

After Callum revealed hed cheated on her with Ben, Whitney was left heartbroken. She made every attempt to carry on with the wedding but ultimately she was unable to do so, and — after informing Callum that neither of them deserve to settle for second best — she parted ways with her fiancé and decided to jet off on her honeymoon by herself.

With a couple of weeks having passed since the wedding-that-never-was, Whitney returns to Walford in tonights episode, leaving Callum in shock.

Callum argues with Ben in EastEnders
Callum and Ben argue (Picture: BBC)

The holiday has done Whitney the world of good, and shes seemingly a lot more content than she was before setting off. Upon her return to the Square, the young woman shows up at the flat where she lived with Callum prior to their break-up, but she makes it clear early on that shes only here to collect her belongings.



However, before long, she has a heart-to-heart with Callum — and the young lad is taken aback when she drops a huge bombshell.

But what exactly is it that Whitney reveals?

Unable to process what hes just learned, Callum heads to the Vic to drown his sorrows. Jay (Jamie Borthwick) attempts to console him but his plan ultimately backfires, resulting in Callum making a beeline for the Mitchell housRead More – Source