Maggie struggles once Ben has left (Picture: Channel 5)

After struggling to deal with Bens (Rohan Nichol) depression following a police investigation into international drug trafficking, which he was framed for and is struggling to get out of, Maggie (Kestie Morassi) had a heated argument with her husband. The end result was an ultimatum – get help or youve got to go – and Ben responded by leaving the family home.

At the caravan park, Bens mood dips even further after walking out on his family. Alf (Ray Meagher) stops by with fresh towels and asks if he had a fight with Maggie. Seeing that something is going on with Ben, Alf invites him up to the house, but Ben pushes him away.

Ben is then confronted by Dean (Patrick OConnor), who spots him in the park and asks him why hes ignoring Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Maggies calls. Ben lashes out, telling Dean to mind his own business as he isnt part of the family. Then he retreats back into his van…

Ben at the caravan park
Ben hides from the world in his caravan (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Maggie and Ziggy clash over how to deal with Ben. While Maggie wants to leave him to it, Ziggy wants to take a more head-on approach. When Dean calls her to reveal where Ben has gone, she goes to the caravan park and tells him he needs to come home and sort the situation out like an adult.



However, Ben says he knows hes hurting his family, but he needs some space to sort his head out. Ziggy refuses to leave and sits in silence with him until he breaks down, saying he cant deal with the pressure. Ziggy respects his wishes to be alone and heads home.

Ziggy walks through the door to see Maggie break down in tears. After trying to keep herself busy, but seeing reminders of Ben everywhere she turns, she cant cope any more. She tells Ziggy that she didnt think Ben would actually leave – she just wanted him to get professional help. Meanwhile, back at the caravan park, a tortured Ben looks at his phone, trying to decide if he should reach out to Maggie, but he eventually Read More – Source