Irene learns what Tommy is planning (Picture: Channel 5)

Irene (Lynne McGranger) is awaiting trial to find out what the verdict will be following her attack on Tommy (Adam Sollis), which took place when he assaulted Bella (Courtney Miller) at the Beach House. However, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is being a beacon of support alongside the support group, who are rallying behind her.

Leah tells Irene that the support group being present at the trial will be sure to show the judge and jury that the public is on her side. Meanwhile, she is focusing her blog on a message of support for all victims. Whats more, as Irenes lawyer has advised her not to make any public statements before her trial, Leah has planned to interview Teresa (Simone McAullay) – a woman from Irenes support group – instead.

Leah becomes emotional as she edits the stories the women from Irenes support group have spoken up about, telling Justin (James Stewart) shes amazed by their courage. She encourages Irene to sit down and watch the videos too, which leaves Irene taken aback at the outpouring of support for her situation.

Tommy with Bella
Tommy plans to sue Irene (Picture: Channel 5)

However, Irene is suddenly left in pieces after a phone call from her lawyer. She relays to Leah that Tommy is planning to sue her if shes found guilty of assaulting him. While Leah tries to reassure her friend, Irene points out that it isnt just her house and assets she could lose in a civil case – the Diner is also in jeopardy!



Irene tells Leah she wants to sign over her share of the Diner to her in case her assets are frozen as a result of a guilty verdict during the trial. Leah doesnt want to betray her friend by signing, believing it would show a lack of confidence in her chances. However, Irene becomes increasingly fraught by the situation. Will Leah push Irene over the edge by refusing to sign the documents, and could the Diner be lost due to TommRead More – Source