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Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) has had a tough couple of months in Hollyoaks, what with him confused over his feelings for Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams), but his problems are set to persist in the coming episodes, as — desperate to get Mitchell to choose between him and Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) — Scott takes drastic action.

Fed up with all of the uncertainty, Scott puts his foot down once more and demands that Mitchell finally make a choice between between him and Cleo. With the pressure piling on from Scott, the trainee doctor decides to put down a deposit on a flat for himself and his girlfriend — an action which pretty much suggests that Cleo is his choice.

Later, the pair celebrate at The Dog and, whilst doing so, Mitchell decides to inform Scott that he regrets their kiss, before suggesting that its time Scott plays make-believe with someone else.



Understandably upset at Mitchells comments, Scott gets drunk and, incredibly emotional, he decides to seek revenge on the young lad by writing a note and posting it under the door of his and Cleos new flat. But what does this note say? Cleo, your boyfriend is a liar, thats what it says!

Will Cleo receive the note? If so, will she work out what it means?

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