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Its been a tough couple of months for Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) in EastEnders. Shes struggling to cope as a result of the immense pressure shes been under and tonights episode will see the young woman attempt to take her own life.

Unable to listen Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) going on about Uni, viewers saw Bex take advantange of a distraction earlier this week when she helped plan Louises (Tilly Keeper) baby shower. However, the event did little to cheer her up — and Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) began to worry about her. With Sonia pushing her to prepare for Uni, Bex ultimately sold her guitar, and reminisced about both Shaki (Shaheen Jafargholi) and her time in Walford.

Tonight, Sonia prepares for Bexs final day in Walford, and she gets everything in order for the surprise party shes arranged. When Bex gets wind of the party, she reluctantly agrees to go and, during the celebrations, she feigns enjoyment.



Lisa picks up on the fact that Bex isnt okay and thus attempts to persuade her to open up to her mum. However, Bex brushes Lisa off and makes a speech, before sneaking off.

With the stress of everything that shes had to deal with over the past few months — not to mention the thought of leaving Walford weighing on her mind — Bex finds herself unable to cope, and —unbeknown to those enjoying themselves at the party — shes planning to take her own life.

The following day, Lisas concerns about Bex continue to weigh on her mind and, as a result, she urges Louise to call her. Meanwhile, a shocked Sonia discovers Bex unresponsive in bed.

EastEnders is working with Samaritans on the storyline, and Executive Producer Jon Sen told We wanted to take Bex on a journey which accurately reflected the crises facing many young people today – many of whom, like Bex, struggle under the moRead More – Source