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Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has been left for dead after a violent struggle with Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) in Emmerdale – has Tracy accidentally killed her? Tracy was left feeling disgusted and shattered when a guilty Kerry admitted her role in the fire which killed Frank.

Unable to take it anymore, Kerry came clean but Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) wasnt prepared for her to take the full fall and admitted to Tracy that she was to blame too. Tracy was horrified and decided that she would let the police made the decision.

Kerry made a grab for her phone and she and Amy tried to calm the situation down. But Tracy darted out the back door, pursued by a desperate Kerry. After Tracy pushed her away from her, Kerry fell to the ground, hitting her head on a pile of rocks.

As she was left motionless, Tracy and Amy were left shaken by the turn of events. As Kerry is rushed to hospital, it emerges that she is in a very serious condition – and about to take a turn for the worst.



So what now?

Natalie told Kerry is really badly hurt and its touch and so obviously now, theres not just the secret about the fire in the mix. Everyone here has made serious mistakes, and everyone could end up paying for them in some way. Itll be good to see how the audience takes to it because it could go a number of ways from here.

As emotions run high, next week things get even worse. As Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) argues with Amy in the hospital, sheRead More – Source