Tracy confronts Kerry (Picture: ITV)

Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has been struggling to keep a lid on the fact that both her and Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) were responsible for the factory fire which killed Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) in Emmerdale, but the truth is set to out tonight in explosive fashion, as Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) uncovers her friends involvement in the deadly blaze that took her dads life.

After learning that a journalist had contacted Kerry to discuss her fundraising activities, Tracy set up an interview on her mates behalf — hoping to get her the acclaim she deserves for what she believes to have been a kind and generous act. However, given that Kerrys charitable venture was nothing more than a means of averting suspicion away from her and Amy, its no surprise that she doesnt want media attention.

Tonight, matters are made much worse when Franks keyring falls from Kerrys bag — and Tracy notices. Confused as to why her mate is in possession of such an item, she proceeds to question both Kerry and Amy about it — but Kerrys got enough to deal with, as she prepares to be interviewed by the Hotten Courier. Meanwhile, Tracy does some investigating of her own, as she searches Kerrys bedroom. She stumbles upon passports and one-way tickets — and shes incredibly confused as a result.



Tracy confronts Kerry with her discovery, and, left with no other choice, Kerry admits that she was the one responsible for Franks death — leaving Tracy reeling. She claims that it was her alone that caused the fire, but — when Amy shows up — Tracy manages to get the whole truth about what really happened.

Desperate to keep a lid on their murderous secret, Kerry and Amy proceed to lock Tracy in. HoRead More – Source