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Roy Cropper (David Neilson) has got a whirlwind of emotions ahead of him as he is set to find himself reunited with a long lost half brother in Coronation Street – only to lose him when he dies. The much loved cafe owner was recently seen digging into his late mother Sylvias past and this will lead to a discovery that she had a secret son as a result of an affair.

Roy will surreptitiously get to know his sibling without initially revealing who he is. But when they eventually get things out in the open, theres another shock in store for Roy when he discovers that he is terminally ill.

After just getting his head around the fact that he had a half brother that he knew nothing about, Roy then has to face losing him which will leave his head in a mess. Can those who love and care about him help him through this confusing and emotive time?



The scenes will play out as part of a storyline that will kick off in November. After making his discovery, Roy will brace himself to meet his brother in the hopes of getting to know him. But how will he cope with the tragedy that will follow?

It comes after a painful few years of loss for Roy, who has struggled to adapt to life without his soulmate Hayley and then recently had to deal with the death of his mum Sylvia. Due to his tense relationship with his late mother, Roys feelings in the wake of her death were complicated and this led to him sleepwalking.

As a result, he was the cause of a fire which swept through Peter Barlows (Chris Gascoyne) boat. In the wake of that, Roy stRead More – Source