I Want to Be a Millionaire (2014), Rob Auton Fiumano Clase

Who says comedians are all laughs and no heart? A range of well-known UK funny men and women will show works at Fiumano Clase gallery in London next month (Art is the Best Medicine, 13-20 December), raising money for the Mental Health UK charity. Harry Hill, Jessica Hynes and Annie McGrath are among the stand-up stars who have contributed to the show. We especially like Jayde Adamss photograph of a young doctor, Kwame Asante, (Doctor, 2012) along with Rob Autons depiction of quiz master Chris Tarrant (I Want to be a Millionaire, 2014). Jack Whitehalls work shows a London tube train in the shadow of a humongous wave recalling Hokusai. “I have been quite overwhelmed by the talent involved as well as how openly the artists have spoken to me aboRead More – Source