Belts are one of those accessories that ebb and flow in terms of popularity. Right now, we're in a serious flow phase, if you will, as evidenced by the street style scene at New York Fashion Week. From wide waist-cinchers to thin and skinny styles, belts are popping up on show goers from fashion editors to stylists and influencers, including myself. The last time I was this fixated on belts was in college when my assortment was vast and few outfits were sans the accessory. This time around, I'm here for a range of styles from Bottega Veneta's buzzy and sculptural shapes to vintage versions in a variety of textures and widths. While I've got a few ways I love to wear my belts, I'm always seeking out new styling inspiration be it over a coat, atop a blazer, wrapped around a dress at my waist, or slung lower on my hips.

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