A few years ago, scalp scrubs weren't really a thing. Sure, they existed, but most people didn't really do them, at least not at home — they were reserved for professional treatments at the salon and it felt like such a luxury. Fast forward to today and scalp scrubs are everywhere with no shortage of products on the market.

I, too, hopped on the scalp scrub trend with very little hesitation and own at least five different exfoliators in my collection of shower products. I don't use them as often as I probably should but whenever I do, the process leaves me wondering two things. First, is there any way to make the application process less messy, because I'm convinced there's got to be a more graceful way of applying it; and second, am I the only one concerned by how much hair is falling out when I rinse? (The latter question obviously being much more pressing and important than the first.)

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