Warhol: A Life as Art by Blake Gopnik Gareth Harris

A new biography of Andy Warhol by Blake Gopnik (Warhol: A Life as Art, Penguin books) is full of fascinating nuggets about the elusive, enigmatic late artist whose Pop art masterpieces have seeped into the public consciousness. Earlier this week, Gopnik took part in a virtual festival on Twitter organised by Blackwell's bookseller, sharing 25 takeaways from the book which bust myths, revealing exactly what motivated Warhol. In one of the tweets, Gopnik says: “22/25 Docs show that #Warhol quietly collected the most challenging work of his era: idea-art by Joseph Kosuth; heavy-metal sculpture by Richard Serra; a radio-wave performance by Keith Sonnier; performance leftovers by Chris Burden.” In another post, the Warhol scholar says: “16/25: Myth: An assembly line of assistants made #Warhols Pop. Fact: His hands were on almost every piece, with a bare few helpers. His production was as artisanal as Rembrandts. The studio got named The Factory because it HAD beRead More – Source


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