When it comes to the upper body, biceps and shoulders get a lot of attention, but it's your triceps that can really give your arms that lean, sculpted appearance. Even more importantly, strong triceps help you maintain proper form in just about every pushing and pulling movement you do.

This triceps workout by Bach personal trainer Beate' Jones, NASM, is a great way to start whipping those arms into shape. It's a mix of triceps moves and other upper-body exercises, because a balanced upper body is key to your functional strength — and because we still want you to be able to move afterwards. The workout should take you about 30 minutes and is perfect for any fitness level. Some advice from Beate' before you start: keep your core engaged the whole time. "That way, you can really focus on the upper body," she told POPSUGAR. Get it? Got it. Grab your dumbbells and let's go.

Triceps-Focused Upper-Body Workout

Equipment Needed: Light weights (five to 10 pounds) or resistance bands such as Therabands. Directions: Complete three sets of each superset, with a one-minute rest between each set. Start with the short warmup and end with the static-stretching cooldown.

Warmup: 2 sets per stretchTime/Reps
Arm circle, forwards30 seconds
Arm circle, backwards30 seconds
Chest opener30 seconds
Horizontal chest opener30 seconds
Plank walkout to upward-facing dog5 reps
Superset 1Reps
Front lunge to stand with curl and press8 reps on each leg
Triceps push-up5 reps if Read More – Source [contf] [contfnew]


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