Now that you've decided to start lifting weights, you're probably wondering where exactly you should begin. We know the weight room can seem intimidating, which is why we created this guide to get you acclimated to lifting weights. This program is designed to first and foremost introduce you to weightlifting, and second help you build lean muscle — and yes, you'll lose fat as well.

You'll work out three times a week for four weeks. Ideally we'd like you to do the strength sessions with a lighter activity day in between (swimming, yoga, etc.), but we do understand that life happens, so move them around to fit your schedule! The first two weeks will be very simple but still challenging. On weeks three and four, the sets and reps will increase. A sample week will look like the following:

  • Monday: Week 1, Workout A
  • Tuesday: Foam roll for 15 minutes
  • Wednesday: Week 1, Workout B
  • Thursday: 20-minute easy run
  • Friday: Week 1, Workout C
  • Saturday: Hour long walk
  • Sunday: Yoga

For the exercises that require weight, start with either 7.5-pound or 10-pound dumbbells. If this feels too light or too heavy, make necessary adjustments. It's more important to master the movement than to move carelessly with heavier weights. Don't forget to warm up and cool down afterRead More – Source

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