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Jessi Combs’ Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The "Fastest Woman on Four Wheels" was traveling at a breathtakingly incredible speed for well over a minute — with no signs of trouble — just before her fatal jet-car crashed. This video of Jessi Combs' final ride — obtained by TMZ — shows the professional racer absolutely flying across the Alvord Desert in Oregon last week as she attempted to break the land-speed record she'd previously set in 2016. TMZ.com Shortly after this footage ends, the vehicle started to come apart. As we reported, Combs' jet-powered car crashed and killed her. Photos of the wreckage show the 56-foot-long jet-car — called the North American Eagle — was destroyed with only a few parts even recognizable after the horrific accident. Read More – Source