Casualty review and spoilers: Archie takes drastic action in acid attack

Archie takes drastic action (Picture: BBC)

Archie (Genesis Lynea) is proving to be an excellent addition to the Casualty cast. We saw her feisty personality right from her first appearance and her run-in with Connie showed she has a strong sense of justice.

That trait was on show in this episode, but this time she went in to battle on behalf of a patient, Seb, whod suffered horrible treatment at the hands of an old teacher.

His revenge was to throw acid on the teachers car, but the acid ended up in the teachers face instead and the teacher ended up in the ED. So did Seb, after getting run over while trying to make his escape – but not before hed helped the teacher by giving him a water hose to get the acid off his face.

Any of the Casualty staff (apart from Mason at this point) would have listened to Sebs story and sympathised with him, but would anyone else have taken it upon themselves to finish the job by throwing acid over the teachers car? Lets just hope the hospital CCTV hasnt picked that little incident up.



Speaking of Mason, Im still prepared to believe that theres a nice person under the brattish exterior. Victor Oshin, who plays him, is showing us little glimpses of doubt and insecurity, something that makes me optimistic for him. But following through on his bet with Rash (Neet Mohan) and taking Rashs bike wasnt the way to do it. Poor Rash has suffered enough and his dad gave him that bike – information which did nothing to put Mason off collecting his prize.

Programme Name: Casualty - Series 34 - TX: 07/09/2019 - Episode: Casualty - Series 34 - EP4 (No. 4) - Picture Shows: Kathleen 'Dixie' Dixon (JANE HAZLEGROVE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: n/a
Dixie made her return (Picture: BBC)

And Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove) was back! It was an absolute delight to see her and hear that shes still happy with partner Jess and step-daughter Olivia. It was also lovely to hear her reminisce about Jeff, because that was one of the greatest partnerships in Casualty history. Iain reminisced about Sam, too – theres not a day goes by that he isnt reminded of her.

Dixies exciting new (albeit temporary) job with the HEMS team made Iain wonder whether his life has perhaps become a bit stale. The kind of work Dixie was doing with HEMS was certainly next-level, as the doctor performed open heart surgery on a boy with a chest wound right there at the scene. A letter about a charity skydive that arrived for Sam also made him think. Is Iain about toRead More – Source