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Coronation Street spoilers: James Burrows reveals all as Ali Neeson becomes a killer


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Ali Neeson has always been a closed book with viewers not altogether sure what makes him tick and what exactly he is capable of. But the Coronation Street doctor has proven tonight that he will do anything to protect his family – as he caused the death of drug dealer Ronan by pulling out a stake that was lodged in his stomach. This led to him bledding to death but James Burrows, who plays the brooding GP, has insisted that his alter ego isnt a killer in the same mould as Pat Phelan.

He told metro.co.uk: Hes a doctor, hes a good lad and with a good upbringing. I think he had to make that decision to protect his family but the aftermath is haunting him – hes going through a lot of stuff and youll see it affect him emotionally. Its going to be a huge, emotional rollercoaster – well see him go through a whole process, its going to be a big one! When I got told the story, I understood it as a hard decision for him to make but he had to make that sacrifice.

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It wont just be Ali who is affected by this. James reckons it will knock Michelle for six – but she will also understand in time. He mused: I think it could be played both ways – she will probably freak out but deep down, as a person, she would understand and respect him in that way.

(Picture: ITV)

But what about Ryan? Could Ali blame him for all of this?

James replied: I think so, yeah. Hes worked very hard to become a doctor – its taken him years. Its ruined him that hes been suspended so there will be a lot more conflict between him and Ryan and it will be interesting.

Hit play on our video to hear James also talk about filming the stunt, ponder who could be a love interest for Ali and discuss who he wants to film more scenes with in the show.

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Holby City review with spoilers: High emotions and a shock ending


Holby spoilers for Jac, Fletch and Dom
(Picture: BBC)

This was one of those Holby City episodes that starts at the end and then flashes back. First we saw Fletch looking at someone who was unconscious in a hospital bed and clearly in a bad way. We didnt see who it was, and then the action went back to nine hours previously.

Fletch had another day of trying to juggle the demands of his job with the competing demands of his family. His job isnt made any easier by having Jac Naylor on his case all day long, but she was justified in getting angry with him on this occasion because every time her back was turned he would end up in a darkened room having a deep and meaningful conversation with his daughter or his father. Fletch told Jac that he wanted to make peace with Steven.

Then Id prepare for war, she said. He seems like bad news. Of course Jacs own history of having long-lost relatives turning up hasnt usually ended well, so its understandable shed be wary. It all culminated in Fletch and Jac having a massive and savage argument.

Jac raged at Fletch in Holby
(Picture: BBC)

Evie, meanwhile, despairing of ever getting her dad to take her seriously, roped in Serena to mediate. This was a beautiful scene – as Evie told Fletch that she was tired of playing mum to her younger brothers and sister, Fletchs eyes filled with tears. As ever, Macey Chipping and Alex Walkinshaw played off each other perfectly. Indeed, Alex Walkinshaw was stunning throughout the episode. Hes perfectly tuned in to his character.

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It turned out that Fletch didnt know the whole story about when Steven left him when he was a baby. For a start, Steven was only 14 when Fletch was born (for people who were complaining last week that Jesse Birdsall is only 12 years older than Alex Walkinshaw – the casting department know what theyre doing). When Fletchs mother couldnt cope, Steven had tried to look after little Adrian himself, but he was so young and he had a girlfriend who wasnt safe to be around a baby due to drugs or alcohol or both. Steven felt he had to leave for Fletchs own safety.

So knowing this and knowing how much it means to Evie, Fletch has given his father a chance. He wants him to apply for a job as a porter and prove that he can be a stable and regular presence in the lives of his grandchildren.

Fletch tried to bond with Evie in Holby City
(Picture: BBC)

Then he went to make peace with Jac. In her office a water bottle on its side was dripping onto the floor, ominously. Fletch saw Jac unconscious. The crash team was summoned, Jac was intubated and suddenly we were back where we started, and Jac Naylor was the mystery figure in the bed. As a worried Fletch was joined by Professor Doom, we have to worry about what the future holds for Jac.

Elsewhere, Sacha gave Essie the news that her cancer is in remission. He couldnt help the tears from flowing with sheer relief. Essie decided that she wants to get back to work as soon as possible (hurrah!), but in the meantime she busied herself with trying to convince Professor Gaskell to take on the case of Josh, her friend Julies son who was disabled after a sporting accident. Josh had previously been considered for the trial but rejected, but this time the Professor decided to accept him. Whether hell revise this decision after hes found out whats wrong with Jac, well have to wait and see.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui on Manto: The film has hit the conscience of people very hard


By: IANS | Cannes | Published: May 16, 2018 5:29:24 pm Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be next seen in Manto. Related News

Having risen from an actor who began his career with small bits in various films, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has clearly reached a point where he has shown not only his versatility, but also the ability to hold films on his own. The actor, who will be seen playing writer Saadat Hasan Manto and late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray in separate films, says hes done with cameos.

Here for his film Manto, which features in the Cannes Film Festivals Un Certain Regard section, Nawazuddin was all praise for the films director Nandita Das “impeccable research”. He shies away from naming a favorite director or even sharing his wish list.

“If I take names, the others will feel bad about it. As an actor, I only look at stories, script and most importantly my character in the film. There is also a selfishness that works and I think its quite normal that I look for characters that will challenge me and push me to the limits,” Nawazuddin told this correspondent.

He is clear that there is no room for any more cameo appearances for him. “No, I will not do it anymore (laughs). Its as simple as that, why will I do them? I am done with my quota of small roles,” he said. Nawazuddin is also venturing into production, taking on projects such as Manto as a co-producer.

“There are some upcoming films that I am co-producing as well. My brother is very much into this doing the scouting for me. I definitely want to produce films as well,” he said. He rules out exploring foreign shores for roles, saying he is content with India and the diversity of roles he is getting to do.

“For the time being, I am satisfied that all my directors in India are giving me characters that are pretty challenging and I am happy doing those. Just for the sake of a branding that I am an international star, I would not do that. How many films in the world are like Manto? Very few. So, I have no such predetermined affiliation for international projects. I am proud of Nandita and a film like this is no way less than any international film.”

Jennifer Lopezs Second Act Is a Success Story with a Surprise


Given that shes one of the hardest working people in show business, its fitting that Jennifer Lopez should make a movie about work. Shes done it before, of course—navigating a rising career in Selena, resigned to cleaning hotel rooms in Maid in Manhattan—but never quite so directly as in Second Act (opening December 21). Lopezs first non-animated film in three years, after some time spent on TV and in Las Vegas, Second Act has a meta whiff of revival, centering a prolific renaissance woman in the medium that first made her famous. Its nice to have her back.

Warning: mild spoilers to come.

In Second Act, Lopez plays Maya, a street-smart Queens native whos passed over for an upper-management promotion at a supermarket chain because she doesnt have a college degree. After some moping, Maya finds herself on a brisk career adventure when a deceptive resume and a mysterious email land her an interview at a healthy and beauty conglomerate whose offices are located somewhere in the very building where I am writing this review. Timid but egged on by her loved ones, particularly her best friend Joan (Lopezs real-life bestie Leah Remini), Maya decides to seize the opportunity and prove that her real-world expertise is better qualification than any kind of elite book-learning could be.

Which is a valuable subject for a film, especially at a time when cultural pressures toward higher education have pushed thousands of young people to go into debt by pursing degrees they may never put to practical use, while those without degrees fall further and further into the indifferent maw of the minimum-wage service sector. This issue involves class and race and certainly gender—so Second Act is not exactly the frothy, glossy December comedy one perhaps assumes will result from a Lopez-Remini pairing.

Written by Justin Zackham (The Bucket List) and producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (in her screenwriting debut), Second Act is pretty blunt in its messaging. Or, at least, in its themes. There is no romance complicating the film (Milo Ventimiglia, looking good, is Mayas patient on-again, off-again), while the storys competition narrative—between Maya and her young, degree-laden rival, Zoe (Vanessa Hudgens)—gives familiar, easily maneuvered structure to the film. Second Act is a straightforward issue dramedy with a fizz. Lopez sails through with her natural charm, while New York gleams in director Peter Sagals loving attention.

Or, hm. O.K. So, thats how the first half-ish of the movie goes. But then Second Act does something entirely unexpected: theres a major twist that turns the movie from something relatively buoyant, cheery even, into pure melodrama. Even so, Second Act tries to maintain the airy energy that animates its first half, which makes the reveal stand in even stranger contrast. How easily everyone seems to accept this seismic thing—they react to it with some measure of emotion, yes, but its all processed pretty quickly and then folded into the texture of their lives.

I obviously dont want to spoil the twist—and, really, revealing that theres a twist at all is itself kind of a spoiler, sorry—but its hard to talk about this movie without somehow bringing it up. Because it so suddenly, so totally alters Second Acts DNA that one leaves the theater having seen a completely different movie than expected. Which is rare these days, given all that goes into marketing a studio-adjacent release like this.

So, I wont discuss what happens in Second Act here, but I will say that this jarring change of direction knocks the movie off balance. What ensues is weirder but somehow less interesting than what came before—the movies stakes are raised to heights it hasnt quite earned, or doesnt seem built to sustain. Its maybe unfair to impose ones expectations on a movie in this way, but I really wanted Second Act to be something it is shockingly resistant to being.

I appreciate that the movie explores the terrain its interested in, steering the movie into a thematic inquiry thats certainly no less pertinent than the films initial mulling of class and opportunity. Its just that the outlandishness of the secret conceit doesnt really meld well with all the lived-in, blue-collar trappings of the films set-up. Second Act is a kitchen sink drama that goes for surprise over real seriousness. Its a Jennifer Lopez vehicle, and thus still worth a look. But Second Acts second act proves pretty hard to follow.

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It’s Official: The 2020 Met Gala Has Been Postponed


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 06: Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott attend The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Met Gala will not take place on May 4, as previously announced. According to Vogue, fashion's biggest night out has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19) closures.

Louis Vuitton was meant to host the "About Time"-themed gala, with Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière serving as cochair alongside Emma Stone,


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Shah Rukh Khans Baazigar was shot with two endings


By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: November 11, 2018 2:19:46 pm

Baazigar released on November 12, 1993.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Baazigar faced quite a few hurdles— from delay in shoot due to communal riots, to not getting a hero to play a negative role—but as the film completes 25 years, the director duo Abbas Mustan are happy as it is regarded one of the best Bollywood thrillers till date.

Released on November 12, 1993, Baazigar featured Shah Rukh as an anti-hero. The thriller, also Kajols one of the earliest successes and Shilpa Shettys debut, became a blockbuster thanks to its plot and chartbuster music by Anu Malik.

As the film completes 25 years, Mustan, in an interview with PTI, talks about the obstacles the team faced, why Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor turned down the anti-hero role and why they shot two different climax scenes for the movie.


“People still like the film and it is a big compliment to the entire team. The important thing is the maker should be convinced with his own vision as that will reflect on screen. We had a hero playing a negative role. Though it led to the hit pairing of Shah Rukh and Kajol, it was not a romantic film. But it all worked well,” Mustan told PTI.

He recalls the movie received overwhelming response across the globe and they witnessed it during the films US and UK screenings. The birth of the film, however, was difficult. The mahurat of the film was done in December 1992 and the shoot was scheduled to start soon, with the aim to wrap it up by January-February.

The film hit a roadblock after communal riots broke in different parts of the country post the demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6. “There was a tense moment due to riots, people were scared and were not going out. But Mumbai is a city that bounces back like never before. Once things got cleared, work began as usual.

“We started shooting sometime in late March and wrapped it by May-June and decided to release it on Diwali. The film was earlier set to release in June-July.” Baazigar chronicled the story of a young man with a vendetta against a business tycoon and how he plots to destroy the rest of the family.

The Tashkent Files trailer: Pankaj Tripathi, Naseeruddin Shah star in political drama about former PMs death


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I am aware of expectations from me: Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi to play Janhvi Kapoors father in Gunjan Saxena biopic

Luka Chuppi movie review: A wasted opportunity
tashkent files Pankaj Tripathi in a still from The Tashkent Files

The trailer of The Tashkent Files is out and by the looks of it, the film is an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri.


Its raining political dramas in Bollywood and Vivek Agnihotri has joined the race as well by helming a political thriller that will try and throw some light on what happened post Shashtri signed the Tashkent agreement which formally ended the Indo-Pak war of 1965. The former PM was reported to have died in Tashkent a day after singing the Tashkent agreement.

The films synopsis reads, “The man you know… The mystery you dont! Get ready to witness the truth behind the biggest cover-up of Indian politics! #LalBahadurShastri.”

In the trailer, various characters of the movieRead More – Source

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The Indian Express

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Will Smiths Bucket List episode Bollywood Dancing reminds us why we love our movies


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Aladdin trailer: Watch Will Smiths unique take on Genie

Idris Elba in talks to replace Will Smith in Suicide Squad 2

Will Smith not returning for Suicide Squad sequel
will smith bucket list bollywood dancing Will Smith travels to India to learn about Bollywood in the latest episode of Will Smiths Bucket List.

The latest episode of Will Smiths Bucket List is out and this time its all about Bollywood. A few months ago, Will took a trip to India and we learnt from his social media posts that he would be featuring in a dance number in Karan Johars Student of the Year 2. The episode featuring the same and many such moments is out and it makes you fall back in love with the movies.


Films are an essential part of our lives as they provide an escape from our everyday lives, but sometimes we need an outsiders perspective to realise that what we have is uniquely ours.

The episode begins with Will Smith meeting up with Ranveer Singh. As Ranveer gives him a crash course on Hindi films, mainly the mainstream ones, he highlights the factors that the audience likes to consume and how everything they watch must be paisa vasool. Here, he also points to Will that many of Hindi cinemas films and heroes have strong religious undertones. This comes as no surprise to us but for Will, this leads him to Haridwar to learn more about Indian spirituality.

“What we believe transforms what we create, and this allows cinema to reflect the collective consciousness of India and also to bridge the gap between entertainment and living a meaningful life,” says Will Smith as he participates in Ganga Aarti in Haridwar.

Read More – Source

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The Indian Express

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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga: Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao starrer to release on February 1, 2019


By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: July 27, 2018 2:06:12 pm Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga promises to take you on a joyful and chaotic journey.

Sonam Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao starrer Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga will be hitting the screens on February 1, 2019. Also starring Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla, the film promises to take the audience on a joyful and chaotic journey. Along with announcing its release date, the films team also unveiled its new poster featuring all the actors.

Sonam took to announce the release date on Twitter and wrote, “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, releasing on February 1, 2019. Dont forget the date!” Sonams father and actor Anil Kapoor, tweeted, “Lots of drama, syaapa and pyaar coming your way on February 1, 2019!”

See the tweets of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga stars here:

#EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga, coming on 1st February, 2019. Save the date for sure! #ELKDTAL @AnilKapoor @sonamakapoor @RajkummarRao @foxstarhindi @VVCFilms #RajkumarHiraniFilms pic.twitter.com/JKLj93u152

— Juhi Chawla (@iam_juhi) July 27, 2018

Lots of drama, syaapa & pyaar coming your way on 1st February 2019!! #ELKDTAL @sonamakapoor @RajkummarRao @iam_juhi @FoxStarHindi @VVCFilms #RajkumarHiraniFilms#EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga pic.twitter.com/W4cti8XEfp

— Anil Kapoor (@AnilKapoor) July 27, 2018

#EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga, releasing on February 1st, 2019. Dont forget the date! @AnilKapoor @RajkummarRao @iam_juhi @foxstarhindi @VVCFilms #RajkumarHiraniFilms pic.twitter.com/vvYds14iXK

— Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) July 27, 2018

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Lagas teaser showed us how a love story set in 1942 is different from that of 2018. Back in 1942, love stories were simple but in 2018 they are packed with a lot of syaapa (drama). While the 90s release witnessed Anil Kapoor romancing Manisha Koirala, here we get to see his daughter Sonam falling for Rajkummar. The Punjabi kudi Sweety Chaudhary believes that a love story is incomplete without any drama.

EastEnders will react to Englands World Cup loss in special scene tonight


EastEnders will react to England's World Cup loss in special scene tonight
(Picture: Reuters; BBC; Metro.co.uk)

EastEnders is going to address Englands loss in the World Cup semi-final against Croatia in tonights episode – because how could they not? The show has twice aired Mick Carter giving his thoughts on the football matches during special inserted scenes filmed by Danny Dyer and co-stars at the last minute – with him even suggesting that manager Gareth Southgate could be the next Brexit Minister.

However, now that the England side are officially out of the tournament, things may be less jubilant – but whether we will see characters criticising the performance or embracing the fact that the boys did us proud by getting so far remains to be seen.

MORE: EastEnders spoilers: Horror for Tina Carter tonight as Stuart Highways horrific past actions are revealed

Football isn't coming home (yet), but England's World Cup heroics have started something special
(Picture: PA/ Rex/ Getty)

Mick has been central to the last two inserted scenes but it could be any character this time – after all, just about everyone up and down the country was interested in whether or not it was coming home.

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Away from the footie drama, there are fictional developments too – as Tina is soon given a lot more to worry about when a memory from the past returns to her thanks to menacing Stuart.

Elsewhere, Rainie Branning makes a decision on whether or not to be bought by Cora Cross while Martin and Stacey Fowlers announcement to the rest of the Slaters doesnt really go to plan.

EastEnders continues on Thursday 12th July at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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