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Dabangg Tour 2018: Guru Randhawa and Maniesh Paul tried to teach Punjabi to Katrina Kaif, this is what happened


By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 1, 2018 1:35:44 pm Dabangg Tour is headed to Van Couver. Related News

After a smashing performance in San Jose, Salman Khan along with Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sonakshi Sinha and others are headed to Vancouver to enthrall fans. In a video posted by Katrina on her Facebook page, we see Guru Randhawa and Maniesh Paul trying to teach “Suit Suit” song to the actor but she fails to get it right and starts singing “Sheila Ki Jawaani”. By the end of the video, we see Katrina trying her hand at Punjabi as she invites fans for their next performance in the US.

Earlier, Katrina Kaif took to social media and shared a photo of herself with Sonakshi and Jacqueline. The photos caption read, “Three masketeers…. just a little subtle styling.”

Not just Katrina but even Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan have been equally active on social media to give updates on their Da-Bangg Tour.

Early this morning, Salman took to Twitter and shared photos of his performance at San Jose. He has been performing on his chartbusters from Dil Diyan Gallan to Jag Ghoomeya.

Check out videos and photos from Dabangg Tour :

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From dancing with nau choodiyan to believing my sister was a Nagina, Sridevi truly made my childhood special


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: February 26, 2018 5:49 pm Sridevi passed away on Saturday.

Late Saturday night when I learnt that Sridevi is no more, at the back of my mind, I could only hear the songs of this superstar, who had impacted all 90s kids with her magical presence on screen. Personally, I remember her films, not for her characters but for her songs and dance performances. These made a special place in my life. The memories remain fresh as lilies in my mind.

Last week, Karan Johar while complimenting some contestants on India’s Next Superstars shared how choreographers in the industry have time and again shared that dance was not only about technicalities but how much you enjoy it. He interestingly brought up Sridevi’s name and shared how the world loves seeing her dance, though few knew that she wasn’t trained and did not have a strong footwork expertise. It was her expressions, joy and fun while dancing that made her performances so lively. Ironically, on Saturday’s episode, he again brought her up when he saw a contestant perform a Charlie Chaplin act, and said that it was only Sridevi, till now, who had dared to do it on screen. And we couldn’t agree more with Karan on this.

As kids growing up in the 90s, you would know how you were presented in front of relatives to put up an act like a monkey-madaari show. While many would cringe and shy away, I would happily dance around a circle of women in my hall. I just had one condition – make me wear a bright salwar-suit and exactly nine bangles on my wrist. The innocent me felt that it was a criterion to dance on “Mere haathon mein nau nau choodiyan”. I would peek out from behind my forearms, exactly like she would, while clinking my choodis. If not that song, it was always “Morni baaga”. And how can I forget “Naino mein sapna” and “Ek aankh maaru”. I tried to do the hook steps on school corridors and cousin get-togethers, these dance numbers were our introduction to the Bollywood masala. Play the song at any party again, I guarantee, you would find many moving around, doing the same thumkas.

Another fond memory that I have of Sridevi’s magnificent effect is my elder sister slithering on the “Nagina” tune whenever it played on TV. No, she wouldn’t dance, it was her way of trying to convince me and my twin that she herself is a shape-shifting snake. Not even teens, we actually believed her and, in our heart, would feel proud to have an icchadari naagin in our family. “Main teri dushman” will always hold a special place in my heart for it reminds me of the innocence of our childhood and the sweet times I spent with my sisters. We would watch the movie together almost every Sunday, and yes, Mr. India was also another favourite.

While growing up, every time I wore a raincoat or carried an umbrella, I wanted people around me to sing, “Naa jaane kaha se aayi hai yeh ladki”. And if you believed in sweet romance than the sexy ones, accept that you have found yourself moving on “Kabhi main kahoon”, “Tu mujhe kabool” in your dreams with your crushes. And if you hadn’t expected your boyfriend to shower flowers on you from a helicopter singing “Rang bhare badal”, then you shouldn’t call him “Mere shona” ever.

During a college event, when we had to perform on “Hawa hawai”, we chose the version from “Shaitaan” for its contemporary feel, but my co-performers were adamant that we only take steps of Sridevi. Such were her songs and dance moves that you wished to do the same thing. She has inspired a generation to take up acting, and will always remain an inspiration. Even when she made her comeback after 15 years, she has given us “Navrai Majhi” for that next sangeet you have to attend.

The first woman superstar of India would be remembered forever. For some it would be her characters, for me, I would always keep the cherished memories of Sridevi’s song and dance routine close to my heart. Unfortunately, I never even got a chance to meet her but I want to thank her for giving me some of my best childhood memories. And I think today, I will just put on nine bangles in her memory.

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Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga actor Siddharth Nigam: Excited to play my childhood hero on screen


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: August 21, 2018 6:40:53 pm Siddharth Nigam will play the lead role in SAB TVs Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga. Related News

Siddharth Nigam is back on television with SAB TVs Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga. Playing the titular role, the actor will be joined by Avneet Kaur, Aamir Dalvi and Smita Bansal among others in the fantasy drama. Excited about the series, Siddharth, in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, shared, “I have been a fan of Aladdin since childhood. I have always loved watching the series. And I am super excited to enact the same role. Its a dream come true moment for me. Aladdin is a package of adventure, romance, comedy and action. I am sure fans would love the show. Also, its the first time I stepping out of a historical genre. So this show is all the more special for me.”

The Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat actor had been missing from screen for some time now. Stating the reason for his absence, he said, “I was busy with my board exams, which I managed to pass with flying colours. Also, I am still focusing on gymnastics and was participating in a few competitions during the time. Acting was completely destinys plan. Gymnastics is my passion. Its my dream to represent my country in the Olympics one day. Thankfully, after being an actor, I have found a good platform to promote sports in a much better way.”

Siddharth started his acting journey with Dhoom 3. The 17-year-old is clear that he wants to make his Bollywood debut with a bang. He said, “I know its not the right age for me to make my big debut. I am being patient for I want the best script, director, and producer to launch me on the big screen. I want to have that maturity and skills to make my mark. I dont want to be just another actor getting into films. Luckily for me, I have only done lead roles in television and so nobody has categorised me as a child actor. I am still signed as the hero. People train themselves for years and I have been lucky to find my learning school on television. While working, I get to collaborate with the best of actors and directors. Its a complete privilege for me.”

After Siddharths success, his brother Abhishek also ventured into acting. When asked if theres any competition between the siblings, he smiled to say, “We are very close as brothers. But like every sibling, we too have a healthy competition between us. Abhishek has been a great support to me. He is more inclined towards studies and is currently doing law. All my contracts are done through him and he is always there to back me. A lot of time, he even directs my scenes.”

Starting tonight, Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga will air Monday-Friday at 9 pm on SAB TV.

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Naagin 3 June 23 episode preview: Vishaka to attack Bela


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: June 23, 2018 6:05:40 pm Naagin 3 June 23 episode preview: Anita Hassanandani and Surbhi Jyotis blockbuster show will see some high-octane drama in todays episode. Related News

Anita Hassanandani and Surbhi Jyoti will be back tonight to entertain you in Naagin 3. The blockbuster show will see some high-octane drama in todays episode. Even after so much planning and plotting, Vishaka could not manage to stop Mahir and Bela from getting married. And now, the ichhadari naagin will decide to avenge her defeat by killing Bela.

Bela and Mahir will come home and wanting to make her feel at home, Sumitra will throw a party for Bela. She will also speak to them and ask them to start a new life, letting go of the way they got married. On the other hand, Poulomi will decide to play spoilsport and ruin Sumitras plan.

As Bela will be in her room getting ready, Vishaka will enter the room and as she is about to attack Bela, Sumitra will enter the room. At the party, Vishaka will make another attempt at killing Bela but will fail. Suddenly, seeing Bela leave the party mid-way, Vishaka would follow her in another car. Rehan would find this suspicious and follow them both.

As Rehan reaches the haveli, he will hear Belas call for help. He will immediately call Mahir, but with him not answering, he will enter the building to see Vishaka in her snake avatar trying to kill Bela. As he would rush out to ask for help, Mahir will also arrive with the family and they will head to save Bela.

Will they manage to save her? Will Vishakas truth come out in the open? Watch the exciting episode tonight at 8 pm on Colors.

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Killing Eve: Behind the Scenes of 2018s Most Breathtaking TV Face-Off


As Emmy nominations approach, Vanity Fairs HWD team is diving deep into how some of this seasons greatest scenes and characters came together.


At roughly the midpoint of Killing Eves eight-episode first season , MI-5 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and the woman shes been hunting, globe-trotting assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer), share their first real interaction. Set in Eves kitchen over some microwaved Shepherds Pie, its a sequence Oh describes as a dance—Fred and Ginger spinning madly. The director of the episode, Jon East, calls it a home invasion which, technically, it is—Villanelle has broken in without permission. Comer says from her characters perspective its just a nice meal between friends while series creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge imagines it as a wolf (Villanelle) coming to have tea with a mouse (Eve).

The food, the table, the two acting dynamos, and the much-anticipated confrontation between hunter and the hunted may prompt some movie buffs to think of the famous diner scene in Heat where Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro exchange barbs over coffee. (Thats a comparison, for the record, that hadnt occurred to Waller-Bridge though she was delighted by it.) However you want to describe, its the kind of powerful scene that signals to the viewer that Killing Eve is more than just a great show, its potentially a classic. Comer, Oh, East, and Waller-Bridge spoke with Vanity Fair about all the glycerine, fake meat, and sexual awakening that went into this show-stopping Killing Eve face-off.

How It Started

Waller-Bridge wrote the emotionally complex and uncommonly long two-hander out of order and in a rush months before it was shot so that actress Jodie Comer could have some material to work with during her audition. Though some slight material was later added to the scene, her initial, nine-page raw take on the meeting of Villanelle and Eve is almost identical to the finished product. “Phoebe just threw it out there,” Oh says. “she just came up with it.” With Oh already cast as Eve, Comer only had two days to memorize the nine pages of dialogue which would determine if she was the right actress to play Ohs foil Villanelle.

In order to make the younger actress feel more at ease, Oh brought in props including cups, water, cutlery, and—because she couldnt find a meat pie on short notice in Los Angeles—a blueberry pie for Comer to chow down on. Villanelles relationship with food is vitally important to her character generally and to this scene specifically. Oh, Waller-Bridge, and Comer all point at that the assassin is devouring •everything* in the scene, including, suggestively, the pie. While some performers, mindful of long hours and repeated takes, might nibble on their food, Comer says that in both the audition and the final take she really went for it: “I had to be rolled out of the audition room.”

On the day of the actual shoot, Comer was eating a Shepards Pie made with a corn-based substitute for the beef because, as she put it, she didnt want to “be in meat” all day. Fake meat has its advantages, but is also extremely dry and when the actress forked down a mouthful the wrong way, tears streaming down her face, she had to hold down a coughing choke while Oh got through her lines. Comer wont be eating Shepherds Pie again any time soon.

For Sandra Oh, however, dryness was the least of her worries. In the show, moments before the kitchen scene, Villanelle drops Eve into a bathtub and runs water on her in order to calm her down. That means Ohs character is wet and cold for the rest of the confrontation. The effect was achieved by dumping an entire tub of “crappy, cheap” gel on Ohs thick hair and spraying her down with glycerine between takes in order to maintain the sopping wet look over 11-plus hours of shooting. Both the pie and the glycerine further enhanced the initial dynamic of the scene: a voracious Villanelle on the prowl and a vulnerable Eve on the back foot. But Waller-Bridge was disinterested in keeping the power dynamic on one note for too long.

Setting the Scene

The location here is key. Director Jon East—who shot episodes 3, 4, and 5—decided to position the kitchen confrontation from Eves point of view. While the show at large is evenly split between assassin and investigator, this interaction set inside Eves home means the camera treats everything from her perspective. In a two-person scene with so much dialogue, the instinct is often to add a lot of movement and dynamic camera work in order to keep the momentum going. That proved unnecessary here given the caliber of the performances and the dialogue. The stillness of the camera, often positioned tight on Ohs face, was meant to reflect Eves own stillness in the scene. “If youre up against a panther in the jungle you wont make sudden moves,” East observes.

There was little-to-no rehearsal required either, though East had budgeted days for it, because Comer and Oh had much of the scene down pat after the audition process. So East went with whats called a rehearse/record approach and other than a brief run through to position his shots, let a fresher take play out on camera. This, Comer said, meant each actress was kept guessing as to what the other might do.

But while a high-stakes first meeting between villain and hero might be a familiar one for TV and film fans, Waller-Bridge says she laced this scene with domestic niceties in order to set it apart from the “spy genre cliché of someone being tied to a chair in a metal room with a gun to their head or a conversation behind bars.” Its not the first time Killing Eve, a uniquely female take on familiar espionage tropes, blended every-day mundanities with life-or-death drama. In Episode 1, Fiona Shaws character Carolyn initially recruited Eve while shopping for a pint of milk.

Have you seen these photos of Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Sara Ali Khan?


Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Published: October 12, 2018 11:15:26 pm

Heres what our celebrities shared on social media today.

Kareena Kapoor, Taimur Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan in one frame, doesnt it make for a perfect photo? Well, here are more photos shared by Bollywood celebrities on social media today. Scroll on:

kareena, saif, taimur Kareena Kapoor Khans fan page shared this family click of the Pataudis. While Kareena is looking stunning, Saif Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan look dapper too.
sara, rohit shetty Sara Ali Khan shared photos from the sets of Simmba in Switzerland.
sara ali khan Sara wrote with the photos,”Because with @itsrohitshetty sir the only thing blue is the sky ???❤??? ? #boss #livingmybestlife #swiss #luckyme #sunforfun.”
 Sara Ali Khan Here are a few more photos of Sara Ali Khan.
alia bhatt, varun dhawan Alia Bhatt shared this photo of herself and Varun Dhawan from the sets of Kalank. She wrote, “Kargil x Kalank ???❄☃.”
kajol, nysa Kajol recently shared a photo of herself and daughter Nysa Devgn.
hina khan Hina Khan also shared some photos on her Instagram account.
Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit posted a photo and wrote, “शिद्दत से देखे गए सपने अक्सर ज़रूर पूरे होते हैं। Never stop dreaming ?❤✨

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Sunny Leone shares a special bond with brother Sundeep Vohra, heres a glimpse


By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 11, 2018 8:40:01 pm Sunny Leone shared a still from her upcoming web series Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. Related News

Sunny Leones web series Karenjit Kaur – The untold story of Sunny Leone will start streaming from July 16 on Zee5. While we are keen to know how Karenjit Kaur became Sunny Leone, the actor has shared yet another glimpse of the web series to make her fans impatient. In the photo, Sunny shares the frame with her on-screen brother Karam Vir Lamba. Karan plays Sunnys brother Sundeep Vohra, who is a chef by profession.

The actor on Instagram captioned the photo as, “My Partner in crime – The master chef edition from the house of Vohra!”

Sunny had earlier shared another photo with Karan and wrote, “With the reel life brother! An amazing and spectacularly talented cast has come together for the show, and I know they have done a fabulous job in sharing my story with the world.”

Talking about how the idea of Sunny Leones biopic came out, the actor said in an interview with indianexpress.com earlier that “Zee wanted an amazing story and there are so many crazy things that are happening in my life, that they must be really happy (laughs out loud).”

She had also revealed that her children – Noah, Asher and Nisha – will not be part of the series.

On the work front, apart from the web series, Sunny will soon be seen grooving with Diljit Dosanjh to a dance track in his upcoming film Arjun Patiala.

Tere Liye Bro finale episode: Will Vineet and Farhan kiss and make up?


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: February 10, 2018 11:29 am L-R, Prabal Punjabi, Pranay Pachauri, Nikhil Khurana from Tere Liye Bro.

Bindass’ Tere Liye Bro has set a benchmark for bromance and friendship goals. The millennial tale of three friends Aniket (Prabal Panjabi), Farhan (Pranay Pachauri) and Vineet (Nikhil Khurana) touched hearts and now today, the show will air its final episode. Known for its relatable, heartwarming and exciting content, expect the unexpected in its last part.

From what has happened so far, Vineet and Farhan in their mission to fulfill their deceased friend, Aniket’s bucket list had a fallout. The two had a major scuffle while on a trip to celebrate their accomplishments. However, viewers were confused of the real reasons behind the fights and arguments. And if you were scared that their egos would end their true friendship, go ahead and heave a sigh of relief.

Shared a source, “Aniket’s soul will manage to call truce between the estranged friends. After a moment of emotional reunion, the two will also get going on solving Vineet’s issue with the film producer. Along with Anika (Malhaar Rathod), they will barge in the launch party unannounced and make some big revelations. And the most exciting turn would come when Vineet will get a clue around Aniket’s death.”

So was Aniket’s death an accident or a murder? To know more stay tuned to the finale episode of Tere Liye Bro on 9th February, 7 pm, only on bindass linear and digital platforms.

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Top 10 television actresses of 2017: Divyanka Tripathi, Jennifer Winget and Mouni Roy find place in the list


Written by Swati Dubey | New Delhi | Published: December 29, 2017 7:18 am Television actresses who ruled the small screen in 2017.

With the year coming to an end, let’s have a look at the female actors of the small screen who managed to make it to the top this year.

Jennifer Winget – Beyhadh

Jennifer Winget took television by storm this year with her stint as Maya in the romantic thriller show Beyhadh. One of the most popular names on small screen, Jennifer has been a part of some top shows on television ever since she debuted with Kkusum in 2001.

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya role as Ishita Bhalla in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has made her a household name. Apart from leading one of the longest running prime time shows, Divyanka also won the 8th season of Nach Baliye with husband Vivek Dahiya.

Rubina Dilaik – Shakti – Astitiva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Koode: Aararo song announces the return of Nazriya Nazim


By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: June 14, 2018 8:24:40 pm Koode has created a lot of anticipation among Malayalam movie fans as it marks the reunion of director Anjali Menon with Nazriya and Parvathy. Top News

The first video song from upcoming Malayalam film Koode was released on Wednesday. The song titled Aararo features a free-spirited Nazriya Nazim, who is making a comeback to the silver screen after a long gap. Nazriya had taken a four-year-long break from acting after she got hitched to Fahadh Faasil, who she met on the sets of Bangalore Days.

The song is a melody set in the pristine natural backdrop, with Nazriya strolling the woods barefooted with her pet in tow.

While the song is sung by Anne Amie, Rafeeq Ahammed has written the lyrics to the composition of Raghu Dixit.

Koode has created a lot of anticipation among Malayalam movie fans as it marks the reunion of director Anjali Menon with Nazriya and Parvathy. The trio had previously worked in blockbuster Bangalore Days, which came out in 2014. In the upcoming film, Anjali has also cast Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role. The film is reportedly the official remake of critically acclaimed Marathi film Happy Journey.

According to reports, Prithviraj and Nazriya play siblings and Parvathy has essayed the romantic interest of Prithviraj. Atul Kulkarni, Roshan Mathew, Siddharth Menon and Mala Parvathy also play key roles in the film, which is bankrolled M Renjith under the banner Rejaputhra Visual Media in association with Little Films India.

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