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Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) knows the darker side of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) better than most in EastEnders and as she tonight warned him that the moment she stops believing he has some good in him, she is done with him, could she bring about his downfall?

Ben has been dead set on his revenge plan against his dad Phil (Steve McFadden) – smarting that his dad was never proud of him and made him into the damaged man that he is today. But since then, he has gone way further than Lola is comfortable with and innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire – most recently Billys (Perry Fenwick) son Will who was injured when Bens assassination attempt went awry.

As Ben was quizzed by police and as Billy hugged him for saving his son, Lola eyed Ben suspiciously and was also watching him closely when he made a promise to do all that he can to make things up to Phil. Knowing that what Ben says is rarely what he means, she later confronted him about what he did to Ewan and he assured her that he was just trying to help her.



She reminded him that it wasnt his decision and made him promise that he understood she would be out of the door if he ever did anything like this again.

Showing a rare moment of vulnerability, if genuine, Ben tearfully explained why he felt so hard done by his father and Lola softened towards him. But he was expRead More – Source

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