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Having a mid-life crisis is an incredibly common thing but Bernice Blackstock is set to go above and beyond as she does everything she can to try and turn back time following her 50th birthday. But when teenager Leanna Cavanagh encourages her to administer botox that she has ordered online, disaster strikes and Bernice ends up putting her life in danger. But as she is rushed to hospital, will she recover?

Discussing her alter egos devastation at turning 50, Samantha Giles told Shes about to turn 50 so shes very insecure about that because she doesnt think that Dr Cavanagh knows her age, so she wants to keep it that way. Hes a bit younger than her.

It does resonate with me. Im in my late 40s, really, and I think that a lot of women start to feel more conscious of their age. You catch yourself in the mirror, and you see younger women, and you think, “Oh my God, I am getting older.”

(Picture: ITV)

Getting older isnt nice, for anybody. So its weird to think that you could put a stop to it. I dont think the botox thing is a very sensible thing to do. So I suppose if the storyline highlights something out there for women, I think its just about feeling more positive about their own image. It doesnt help that obviously were just given images of women all the time in the media, that have got these perfect, flawless faces, with no lines at all, and theyre puffed up everywhere, and I think it looks ridiculous. But I think you can always tell when someones had work.

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After ordering the kit, Bernice is further fuelled by mocking from Leanna to have the work done – and Kerry reluctantly helps her, only for her to suffer an allergic reaction.

As Bernice is rushed to hospital, a stunned Dr Cavanagh is told that her face may be permanently paralysed. Will Bernice be left regretting her mistake long term?

Sam sighed: She goes into an anaphylactic shock. So its quite dangerous. And theres a possibility that the paralysis is going to stay. So there is that danger…

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