Maxine, Damon and James (Credit: Lime Pictures)

The truth about Maxine Kinsellas (Nikki Sanderson) illness came out in spectacular fashion during the latest episode of Hollyoaks, and tonight shes forced to deal with the ramifications of her actions, as Damon (Jacob Roberts) — struggling to cope with everything thats transpired — chooses to plead guilty at his plea hearing.

For the better part of a year, Maxine fooled Damon — and the entire village — into thinking that she was suffering from a mysterious life-threatening illness. With compelling performances aplenty, she was incredibly convincing, but — after Scott (Ross Adams) stumbled upon her file in Mitchells (Imran Adams) bag, he discovered the truth and set about revealing all to Damon.

During last nights instalment, Damon came to realise that his wife has been lying to him this whole time and, tonight, the information really sinks in — and hes left shocked as a result. With his plea hearing imminent, James (Gregory Finnegan) recommends that Damon plead guilty — as no jury would believe that he wasnt in on Maxines lie.



Maxine tracks down Sienna (Anna Passey) and begs her for help in rectifying the situation — but Sienna has no sympathy for her mate. Instead, she slaps her, before telling her to face up to what shes done.

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