Europe Update

Ukraines prisons go up for sale

Issued on: 07/08/2020 – 17:03Modified: 07/08/2020 – 17:05 The Irpin Penal Centre, a vast prison co..

Belarus police arrest Deutsche Welle correspondent before vote

Issued on: 07/08/2020 – 14:04 Authorities in Belarus are targeting independent journalists ahead o..

Norway restricts cruise ship arrivals after Covid-19 outbreak on vessel

Issued on: 04/08/2020 – 05:49 Norway stopped all cruise ships with more than 100 people on board f..


Creepy technologies invade European post-pandemic workplaces

Washington, D.C., June 9, 2020 (PAHO)—The Director of the Pan American Health Organization, Carissa ..

GCO responds to Amnesty report on non-payment of salaries by stadium contractor

Office on Wednesday issued a statement in response to an Amnesty report accusing a company operating..

Dozens dead in Pakistan as PIA plane plunges into Karachi houses

Islamabad, Pakistan – At least 85 people have been killed after an Airbus A320 passenger airliner cr..

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Trump reimposes tariffs on raw Canadian aluminum, Ottawa vows retaliation

Issued on: 07/08/2020 – 07:47 President Donald Trump on Thursday moved to reimpose 10% tariffs on ..

NY sues to break up powerful gun lobbying group National Rifle Association, alleging corruption

Issued on: 07/08/2020 – 03:48 New York state's attorney general sued to dissolve the National..

‘Back to the Wild West’: Gun ownership on the rise among anxious black Americans

Issued on: 05/08/2020 – 12:44Modified: 05/08/2020 – 12:46 There has been a sharp rise in the numbe..


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NY sues to break up powerful gun lobbying group National Rifle Association, alleging corruption

Issued on: 07/08/2020 – 03:48 New York state's attorney general sued to dissolve the National..

If COVID-19 Has Left You Feeling Unsettled About Sending Your Child to School, You...

If questions like "How can I be sure my child is kept safe?" and "how can I make sure that social distance is maintained?" have been keeping you from sleeping, we have some good news. According to a new announcement by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA), parents wishing to keep their kids out of schools will now be allowed to resume online learning in the new term. "While face-to-face learning remains the preferred education model, we understand that different parents have different views, especially in the first phases of re-opening. As a temporary measure, schools can and should provide 100 percent distance learning provision in the new academic year to parents who request it. This is intended to help ease parents and children into an eventual return to face-to-face learning," the educational entity said in its official statement released earlier this week. It is still unclear as to whether schools operating in neighboring emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sha..

Dubais Buzzing Entertainment and Leisure Services Are Set to Resume Operations

If you, like us, have missed physically attending live concerts, we have some great news! A new circular issued by Dubai Tourism has announced that concert venues can now welcome musical acts from across the globe. Exciting, right? There's more. The circular that was issued earlier this week also revealed that events such as wedding ceremonies and small-scale business and leisure events can also resume operations. These include office parties, banquets, award ceremonies, press days, exhibitions and training seminars. The announcement was accompanied by a series of COVID-19 rules that have to be followed throughout each event and concert. Those hosting and attending seated events have to maintain a minimum of two meters of social distancing. Event hosts need to ensure that guests are seated in a chequerboard seating arrangement, with two tables to remain vacant between each group of people. The same rules apply to those hosting standing events. However, there must be a clear phy..

Burn Calories and Tone Your Abs and Legs With This 15-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Jumping rope isn't just an activity reserved for elementary school students. It's a great cardiovascular workout for all ages that elevates your heart rate, improves your cardiovascular endurance, and strengthens your muscles. Thanks to its compact size (throw it in your purse or put it in your luggage), you can take your jump rope anywhere and get a great workout in. Save yourself some time with this two-in-one cardio strengthening workout. It only takes 15 minutes. The Workout Jump rope, two minutes Forward backward lunges, 30 seconds Jump rope, two minutes Push-ups, 30 seconds Jump rope, two minutes High knees, 30 seconds JumpRead More – Source [contf] [contfnew] popsugar [contfnewc] [contfnewc]

Nia DaCosta Will Take Lead on Captain Marvel 2 as the First Black Woman...

Marvel Studios has tapped filmmaker Nia DaCosta to direct Captain Marvel 2, Deadline first reported ..