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Discovering The Fascinating Style Journey Of Jenna Ortega – The Wednesday Protagonist Turned Icon


Going to Google and simply typing the letter J, the first result that will appear will be the name “Jenna Ortega”. This is because, since the Netflix series “Wednesday” was released, a succession of news and trends have depopulated on the web. From the now iconic ballet, even revived by Lady Gaga, up to the various covers performed with the cello, everyone wants to be Wednesday, the wacky girl who made every outsider fashionable. But who is behind the dark clothes of the young Addams?

Let’s see together 5 curiosities about the actress interpreting Tim Burton’s new project:

1. To say that Ortega Has Art in Her Blood May Seem Like an Overstatement, But That’s True

The young woman was in fact born on September 27, 2022 in the Coachella valley, California, known to the general public for the famous music festival held every year in the desert of the Valley. What perhaps not everyone knows is that the Choachella is not only an impressive concert, but it also hosts art installations and traveling exhibitions. Furthermore, all the “influential” personalities who participate make the event a real open-air catwalk, thanks to the experimentation of new looks and combinations of colours, materials and painting.

2. Her Favorite Hobby is Writing, Which She Says She Can’t do Without

She reports that she writes to relax, but in 2021, this passion earned her her first publication with Random House publishing house. Her first autobiographical book, entitled “It ‘s all love. Reflections for your heart and soul” is a collection of beautifully illustrated stories that explore everything from depression to falling in love. She recounting the experience of growing up in a large family (she has 5 brothers and sisters), she up to describing what it means to be a Latin actress in Hollywwod.

3. She Has an Unusual Obsession With Stranger Things

What fascinates her the most, in addition to the vision of the series, are all the most improbable theories of the fans, who find clues like hunting hounds. Since the first season, she has been part of the online fandom where, in addition to following the various theories, she also shares her own, participating in discussions and comparing herself with other fans about what to expect from the new episodes.

4. In 2019, She Played The First Latin American Disney Princess

In that year she joined the cast of the animated series Elena of Avalor, where she plays Isabel, a princess of Latin origin. The series, consisting of three seasons, tells the story of Princess Elena, daughter of the rulers of Avalon, who on her fifteenth birthday receives a powerful amulet as a gift, capable of protecting her from any danger. Life in the kingdom seems to flow smoothly, until a terrible witch appears who kills Elena’s parents and puts her and her younger sister, Isabel, in great danger, who manage to save themselves only thanks to the amulet and the help of the court magician.

5. The Young Actress is Also Very involved in social work, Where She Holds The Role of Ambassador For UNAIDS

UNAIDS is a United Nations program created to raise public awareness of AIDS. Ortega has this cause very much at heart, and has decided to become its ambassador to honor her grandfather, who died of this disease for which a cure has not yet been found. During a speech on WE DAY in 2017, she spoke out by declaring that she “wants to help eliminate the stigma of AIDS and make it normal, because it is a disease that can affect us all”.

This article is originally published on thewalkoffame.it

Meghan Markle’s Baby Bump Provokes Outrage In England


Not much time has passed since the release of the documentary Netflix “Harry and Meghan”, in which the couple told their story without neglecting the background of the Royal Family.

The series kicked off an online storm against the two, who since 2020 have given up on their public positions and moved to Canada, and then moved to California, where they currently live in the former villa of Mel Gibson in Santa Barbara.

The removal From The Royal Family

The actress (famous for having starred in several films, including “High of love”, “traveling with a rock star” and “How to kill the head … and live happily”) went up to the headlines in 2016, After making the relationship with the most rebellious of the royal family official, Harry.

Although their story has always been very talked about, the couple went on undaunted by putting love in the first place. In 2018 they got married at the Chapel of San Giorgio and after a year they gave birth to their eldest son, Archie Harrison.

After dealing with a miscarriage, Meghan became a mother for the second time with the birth of Lilibet Diana. Two years ago the actress and the husband made a drastic decision leaving Royal Family and moving to the United States together with their children.

Meghan did not keep his discontent hidden within the royal family. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, last year, he openly accused the entourage of racism explaining that he did not feel protected.

In the recent Netflix documentary he opened up to disconcerting revelations together with Harry, also showing unpublished sides of the family. An example are the photos taken while it was pregnant, with the “baby bump” in sight, considered not very consonant for a member of the royal house.

The Controversies During Pregnancy

Meghan has proven not to be afraid of launching proofs to her husband’s family. According to the most recent news, at the moment he would be working on a biography on his life. The news has already attracted the curiosity of media and public, waiting to meet new shocking information on the Royal Family.

The controversies did not spare the actress even while she was pregnant. During a visit to Tonga, in fact, Meghan was harshly attacked and accused only for a dress of the dress.

Or rather, two: it was immortalized wearing a red dress to which the shop label were attached and the one for the change of the dress. The fans of the royal family did not spare her from her, stating that she should have paid more attention and that she would never have made a similar error.

Fortunately, many have defended him by trying to immerse himself in his situation: “It can happen, these days are hard and changed the dress very often” commented on some users on the web: that of Meghan, according to them, was a distraction that could have anyone.

This article is originally published on pontilenews.it

How do we Grieve the Death of Public Figures?


We grieve the death of public figures in many ways. We can engage in social media to express our feelings, talk to mental health professionals, or seek an outlet for our grief. This can be helpful, but we should also make sure to allow ourselves to grieve as deeply as we need to.

Finding an outlet

One way to cope with grief after the death of a public figure is to find a safe outlet for your emotions. The most helpful outlet is to talk with other people who are grieving about the loss. The internet and online forums can be helpful ways to connect with others who share your feelings. Another helpful outlet is to donate to a charity that the deceased person was passionate about.

Social media is an increasingly popular outlet for grieving the death of a famous person. In addition to Facebook, Twitter has also become a popular place to pay tribute to the deceased. After the death of a celebrity, his or her name usually becomes the top trending topic on Twitter for a day or more. Fans, journalists, and personal acquaintances post 140-character tributes. These messages are posted in a public forum where anyone can comment and respond. This is different from Facebook posts, where only friends and family can respond.

If you have no personal connection to the deceased, you may feel nothing. This can be upsetting to people who are still mourning. It’s important to remember that everyone grieves in different ways. You may feel nothing at all, or you may be indifferent to the situation. Whatever your response, be open and honest with those you love.

Finding a mental health professional

There are many different ways to deal with grief. One approach is cognitive behavioral therapy, which encourages mindfulness and acceptance of your feelings. Another option is acceptance and commitment therapy, which involves distancing yourself from negative emotions and focusing on what you want to accomplish. The goal of both of these approaches is to help you find a way to move on and be happy again.

Grief often comes in waves. These waves may be frequent and intense at the beginning, but they may become more manageable over time. There is no right time to feel grief, and some people experience it for much longer than others. Some of the most intense grief is not cured by time, and it often lingers for months and years. This is what psychiatrists refer to as prolonged grief, and it can impact the bereaved person’s life in profound ways.

Communal nature of grief

Many of us are feeling a loss – personal, professional, or financial. In addition to feeling grief, we may also be feeling uncertain about the future. If we can find ways to grieve together, we can begin the healing process. Communal grief is especially beneficial when the relationship to the deceased was complex.

While we have long felt grief in individual circumstances, our current collective grief is relatively new. It has roots in the social and psychological sciences. Grief has always been felt on a micro and macro level, but our experience of grief after the death of public figures is different.

The anthropological approach to death and mourning highlights this complexity. It has the advantage of recognizing the social and communal dimensions of mourning and its capacity to shape social narratives. However, it can also challenge our understanding of what grief is. In this issue, we highlight seven ethnographic explorations of grief and its diversity in different contexts.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II is the sixth woman to sit on the British throne in history. She was formally crowned on June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey. In her first decade of reign, she settled into her role as queen and developed a close relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. She also weathered the Suez Crisis of 1956 and went on several state trips abroad.

Elizabeth’s career in the Royal Family has been a long one. As the queen of the United Kingdom, she held the throne since 1952. She enjoyed several defining moments in her life, including her engagement to Prince Philip and her inauguration as queen. Her children, Princess Anne and Prince Charles, have also played significant roles in her life. During her reign, the Royal Family has been a source of inspiration and pride for many people.

Elizabeth II was the most popular member of the royal family. Although the tawdry details of her private life have been splashed across the tabloids, her children have not been subjected to this level of publicity. She was also criticized for her lack of response to the death of Princess Diana. Critics complained of her extravagant lifestyle.

Queen Elizabeth II She took part in the same training as other Girl Guides. After the war, her official title was changed to Elizabeth the Second. Today, she is a member of the International Olympic Committee.

During the 1970s, Elizabeth II travelled widely. In 1978, she attended the Commonwealth Conference in Ottawa, Canada, the 200th anniversary of American independence, and the opening of the Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada. In 1979, she visited Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. She also made a visit to Oman.

Elizabeth’s coronation is a significant day in British history. It marks the first time a female heir presumptive has ascended the throne. But her coronation also has a tragic twist. Her father, King George VI, orders Elizabeth to become an honorary colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

The Queen’s marriage to Philip took place on November 20, 1947 in Westminster Abbey, after Elizabeth and Philip had been courting for several years. Although they were separated by World War II, they maintained a close correspondence through letters. Philip renounced his rights to the Danish and Greek thrones and proposed to Elizabeth, who was twenty. Their wedding ceremony was broadcast to the world, and Philip became Duke of Edinburgh.

Their marriage was one of the most enduring in British history. Despite their differences and disagreements, the Queen and Philip never seemed to grow apart. They always laughed together, held hands, and stroked each other’s hair. The two were devoted companions, even through the dark years.

Prince Philip was not as enthusiastic as his future wife, as her father, king George VI, was not too happy to have a foreign-born prince marrying a heiress. However, Elizabeth’s mother and grandmother fought for her. So, the two eventually tied the knot, after a six-month delay.

Queen Elizabeth visits Ireland for the first time in almost 70 years. In the same year, she becomes the UK’s oldest reigning monarch. She also opens the Scottish parliament. She is also the first monarch to visit the country since 1921. During her visit, she expresses her sympathy for the victims of the conflict in Ireland.

Justin Bieber Suspends World Tour Due to Health Concerns


The news that Justin Bieber has suspended his world tour due to health issues is not a surprise, but it’s still a bit unexpected. During the last couple of years, the singer has struggled with his mental health. In June, he revealed that he had been battling a severe case of facial paralysis. The singer’s condition is called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and it is caused by a virus that affects the facial nerve. In many cases, patients recover, but in others, they may not.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome

The pop star has announced that he is postponing the remainder of his Justice World Tour due to the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is a rare neurological disorder that affects the face. In June, the singer announced that he was suffering from the syndrome and was in need of a break from touring. Despite his struggles, Bieber eventually resumed touring in Europe and North America, and he announced the suspension of his world tour on his Instagram Stories.

Justin Bieber was originally scheduled to begin his Justice World Tour in 2021. Then, the singer was struck down with the condition Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which left him partially paralyzed and with difficulty moving his face on one side. The rest of the North American leg of the tour was also canceled. He will resume touring in July.

shingles complication

Bieber was originally scheduled to play the North American leg of his Justice World Tour in June, but postponed several dates. He later confirmed the delays after discovering that he had been suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a rare neurological condition. He had also been experiencing partial facial paralysis. The singer later resumed his world tour and began performing in Europe. The pop singer made the announcement on his Instagram Stories.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is caused by the same virus that causes shingles. Vaccines for chickenpox and shingles are widely available and about 90 percent effective at preventing the diseases. The singer is not the first celebrity to experience a health problem after undergoing vaccination. Some celebrities have also faced health issues related to shingles, including DMX and Bob Saget.

Temporary facial paralysis

According to the singer, the symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome are temporary, but can have long-term effects, especially if the virus is not treated in a timely manner. The singer apologized to his fans for not being able to perform and confirmed his Christian faith. He hoped that the medical issue would not prevent him from returning to his tour.

The singer’s tour had been halted for two months while he recovers from the condition. After a short recovery, he resumed the tour, with the exception of the last 14 North American dates. The singer’s tour was due to run into 2023.

Fears of struggling to eat

Justin Bieber has suspended a portion of his world tour due to health concerns. The singer has been suffering from shingles and a complication called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. In June, he was diagnosed with the disease and had to take time off the road to determine his medical needs. In July, he began touring again, but did not perform in the United States. Bieber has continued touring in Europe, but has suspended his world tour prematurely due to his illness.

Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton


The 67th United States secretary of state is Hillary Clinton. The Democrat and former lawyer previously served as senator from New York and as the wife of President Bill Clinton. She served as First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001. This article will give you a quick overview of the career of the 67th Secretary of State.

Hillary and Bill Clinton started dating in 1971 while at Yale University. The two were very much in love and Bill was impressed by her beauty and intelligence. After they married, they began working on advocacies for children and the underprivileged. When Bill was elected president in 1992, Hillary was an important part of the campaign. She was also appointed as head of the Task Force on National Health Care. The couple had a daughter, Chelsea, in 1980.

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in Arkansas and New York. She loves mysteries and chocolate, and was not able to drive a car until her first presidential run. In addition to her political career, Hillary Clinton has also lived a life of high security as First Lady.

After their marriage, Bill and Hillary Clinton were both active in politics. Bill established the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary became a senator. Hillary then ran for president in 2008. The two maintained their New York home together, where they have an annual holiday party. Hillary also served as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

When it comes to her conservative ideology, Hillary Clinton seems to have a fairly liberal outlook. She voted for the war in Iraq and has supported a stronger presence of American troops there. She has also supported legislation to grant permanent resident status to some illegal immigrants. However, she has remained a centrist on some issues. For instance, she has been a proponent of free trade and opposes legalizing marijuana.

During her long political career, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly advocated for affordable health care and women’s rights. In 1998, she delivered a speech at Beijing Medical University on folic acid deficiencies among pregnant women in China. She also worked to help bring tougher sanctions against Iran and negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, she has campaigned for LGBT and women’s rights around the world. But while her public image remains high, her record in the political arena remains tarnished by her decision to vote for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Hillary worked for the House Judiciary Committee and became a lawyer. She married her husband Bill Clinton, who was then Arkansas’s Attorney General. During their marriage, Hillary pushed for improved education and healthcare in her home state. She also took the opportunity to speak out for gender equality at the United Nations conference on women in 1995.

UK judge refuses Depp permission to appeal libel ruling


Earlier this month a High Court judge rejected Depp’s claim that a newspaper had committed libel when it called him a “wife-beater.” Judge Andrew Nicol said the article in The Sun was “substantially true.”

Depp is seeking to overturn the judgment. But in a setback for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, Nicol denied permission to appeal, saying “I do not consider that the proposed grounds of appeal have a reasonable prospect of success.”

In a ruling made public on Wednesday, the judge also ordered Depp to make an initial payment of almost 630,000 pounds ($840,000) to News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun, to cover its legal fees.

Depp can still apply directly to the Court of Appeal, and has until Dec. 7 to do so.

The judge’s main ruling came after a three-week trial in which Depp and Heard gave conflicting accounts of their brief, tempestuous marriage.

In the wake of the decision, Depp said he was leaving the “Fantastic Beasts” film franchise after studio Warner Bros. requested his resignation.

Depp is also suing Heard for $50 million in Virginia over a Washington Post op-ed essay that she wrote about domestic violence. The essay talks about her experience being abused but does not name Depp. The trial is due to be held next year.


Nick Cordero’s widow Amanda Kloots talks about Thanksgiving without him

attends the "Going In Style" New York Premiere at SVA Theatre on March 30, 2017 in New York City.

Thanksgiving is sure to be difficult for anyone who has lost someone to Covid-19, and Amanda Kloots understands that well.

Her husband, Broadway actor Nick Cordero, died in July after losing his monthslong battle against the coronavirus. He was 41.
Kloots chronicled his illness on social media, where thousands rallied behind him, her and their toddler son, Elvis.
She recently posted a photo of Elvis on her verified Instagram account, writing, “I read a passage today that said to find the little things everyday that God gives you.”
“Collect them, one by one, and by the end of the day you’ll see you have a beautiful bouquet!” she wrote. “It would be very easy to go into this Thanksgiving week counting my losses but I’m choosing to count my blessings. This guy is at the top of my list.”
Kloots also posted a photo of her and Cordero from their early dating days and wrote she plans to soon go live with a fellow widow “to talk about the ‘firsts’ in efforts to help others that are missing someone this year from their table.”

Megan Fox files for divorce from Brian Austin Green: report


Megan Fox has officially filed for divorce from husband Brian Austin Green, according to a new report.

Per TMZ, citing court docs, the 34-year-old actress made the move on Wednesday. Earlier this year, Green confirmed the pair had split after nearly 10 years of marriage.

The former couple shares three children together, sons Noah, 8, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 4.

Fox is seeking joint legal and physical custody, TMZ reports. She’s also reportedly requesting that neither she nor Green receives spousal support.

Green, 47, has already issued his response and is in agreement with nearly all matters, per TMZ. However, as for spousal support, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum is reportedly asking it still be left open for discussion. Neither party has noted anything in regards to child support, according to the outlet.

In addition, TMZ reports that Green and Fox’s separation date differ. Fox states it’s November 2019, while Green has March 2020.

Reps for Green and Fox did not immeidately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In May, Green offered “context,” recounting what led to his and Fox’s split. He said that last year “around Halloween, Thanksgiving time” Fox was gone for several weeks out of the country to film a movie and while she was gone, he dreamt that there was a distance between them that actualized when she arrived home. According to Green, Fox was gone for about five and a half weeks, which is the “longest that she’s been gone” for work.

“I gave her a couple weeks, I figured she’s been out of the country, she’s jet-lagged, she’s been shooting nights, I have to give her some time to recoup a little bit and get back into life, and so I did,” he said on his podcast, “…with Brian Austin Green.”

After two weeks, nothing had changed between the pair, and Fox revealed to her husband that she’d enjoyed her time alone and even liked herself “better during that experience.”

Green said he was “shocked” and “upset about it,” but “wasn’t upset at her.” “It wasn’t a choice she made,” he said. “That’s the way she honestly felt.”

The pair then decided to “separate a little bit and give ourselves some time and take some space, and meditate, and do whatever, and see what it is we find, and so we did,” Green said.

He went on to explain that from there “things just didn’t really change” and “the reality started sinking in” of “maybe this is what it is.”

“Neither one of us did anything to each other. She’s always been honest with me. I’ve always been honest with her,” Green said. “We’ve had an amazing relationship, and I will always love her. And I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family what we’ve built is really cool and really special.”

Fox is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly. They recently made their red carpet debut as a couple at the American Music Awards.


Chris Pratt raises awareness for food insecurity


Chris Pratt is bringing an important issue — food insecurity — to the forefront as well as sharing his own personal experience.

The 41-year-old star recently did an Instagram Live with Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, the CEO of Feeding America, a non-profit that is home to a network of 200 food banks and thousands of food pantries as well as meal programs.

During the conversation, Pratt touched on the coronavirus pandemic and the issue of food instability that many people are facing.

“With a combination of this pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn, we’re looking at food instability for families, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a very long time in this country,” Pratt explained.

Massive lines have cropped up at food banks throughout the nation ahead of the 2020 holiday season. Reports from California, Wisconsin, New York, Texas, South Carolina and other states indicate many of the people waiting for assistance never needed help before this year when the coronavirus pandemic shut down swaths of businesses and sent unemployment surging.

In addition, a survey in June suggested that a quarter of Americans are facing food insecurity amid the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor went on to say that it’s important that people in-need to ask for help, emphasizing that it’s okay.

“I think often times when you’re illuminating this message and shining a light on this need, we’re saying, ‘How can we get people to help?’ but it’s important to de-stigmatize the idea that if you need help it’s okay to accept it. It is,” he said.

For his part, Pratt reflected on how growing up, his family “had some economic hard times.”

“I grew up in a small town, we had 7,000 people in my town, and we had some economic hard times, and we had a food bank nearby and I’m not ashamed to say that there were moments where my family would need to eat from a food bank,” he said.

He repeated that there’s no shame in asking for help, “especially right now with what we are going through.

“There is help out there, and you can find that help and you can get that help, and there’s nothing wrong with needing that help,” Pratt said.

And speaking to those who don’t need assistance right now, Pratt said: “There’s a great feeling in service of helping someone else. It’s a great thing to do this holiday season.”


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