The Best Beginner Cardio Workouts For the Gym or at Home

When you decide you're ready to bring some cardio workouts into your life, the process can be a bit overwhelming. The options are endless, but you need workouts tailored to your fitness level to learn the ropes while getting stronger. We've rounded up our best beginner cardio workouts for you to try whether you have access to a treadmill or an elliptical, or you're looking for an equipment-free sweat session you can do at home.


40-Minute Walking and Running Workout: The fastest pace in this workout is 5.8 miles per hour, and the running intervals never top two minutes. Plus you can print out this workout to take with you to the gym.
60-Minute Workout Mixing Walking and Jogging: Perfect for when you're ready to push your endurance, this hourlong workout will burn close to 300 calories. The workout alternates between 4.0 MPH intervals of walking, and 5.0 MPH jogs.
50-Minute Hill Walk: While you never go faster than 4.0 MPH in this workout, you work the in..

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Your Ultimate Summer Fashion Guide on How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants

Whether you call them pants, trousers, palazzos, or slacks (LOL), wide-leg bottoms are one of the most versatile silhouettes out there — especially when you want to give jeans a break (there are only so many days we can last in a rigid, high-rise skinny). The common struggle, however, is figuring out ways to wear billowy bottoms that don't feel overly dressy or downright awkward. Or maybe you're a wide-leg pants pro but feel as though you're lacking in the inspiration department. We're here to help.

Whether you're giving wide legs a go for work, dinner, or a special event, taking stock of the new season's styles will lead you toward fresh outfit combos aplenty. This Summer, everything from slouchier takes on tailoring and utilitarian-inspired cuts with paper-bag waists to flowy floral prints and ultra-roomy jeans are on deck (we have the deluge of '90s nostalgia to thank). Meaning, there are plenty of ways to embrace the must-try silhouette. When it ..

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An Anti-Diet Dietitian Shares Advice on How to Stop Making Weight Loss Your Life’s Goal

While talking to a friend who's a registered dietitian, she shared how so many of her female clients come to her with the sole goal of wanting to lose weight. What if we could encourage women to have a new resolution: to stop trying to lose weight and to focus on being healthy and happy?

I'd love to be able to encourage women to give up the “I want to lose weight” resolution. How can someone not respond to the pressure to lose weight, and instead give up dieting after being stuck in the cycle for most of their life? Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN, an anti-diet registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and host of the Food Psych Podcast shared her advice.

“It's totally understandable to have the desire to lose weight in this culture, especially for higher-weight people who are constantly bombarded with messages that their bodies are wrong and need shrinking,” Christy said. Giving up the pursuit of weight loss is challenging, and even harde..

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Behold – Our Choice of the Best TV Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix This July

In just a few hours, Netflix will be treating us to a number of brand-new TV shows, movies, and the blue-eyed hottie that is Zac Efron (more on this later).

To help both you have the best binge-watching experience, we've shortlisted our pick of the best TV shows and movies coming to the streaming platform this July.

Best MoviesRead More – Source


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