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Naagin 3: Pearl V Puri to romance Anita Hassanandani and Surbhi Jyoti


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: January 10, 2018 3:59 pm Naagin 3 will also have Karishma Tanna who will play a substantial role in the drama. While it will be a cameo, it will have a major impact on the storyline.

Good looking and charming Pearl V Puri seems to have a special connection with the serpent world. After playing the titular role in the supernatural thriller Naagarjun, the actor has bagged the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming series Naagin 3. The series, that has successfully produced two seasons, promises to bring alive a more thrilling and exciting tale this time. As already reported, Surbhi Jyoti and Anita Hassanandani will play the female leads.

Shared a source with indianexpress.com, “The makers want to outdo Naagin popularity and success of this season and are packing in the best of storyline and actors to make a mark. With the already popular faces Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan missing from the screen, the makers decided to get well-known actors Anita and Surbhi in their places. Pearl too shares a great fan base. Having done a supernatural show earlier, he fitted the bill as the hero of Naagin 3. While Surbhi will play a positive character, Anita will be seen as the antagonist.”

Also, leggy lass Karishma Tanna has been roped in to play a substantial role in the drama. While it will be a cameo, it will have a major impact on the storyline. The show will go on floors soon and is expected to launch by next month.

Karishma Tanna

Pearl, who debuted on television with Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil, also played the lead in Meri Saasu Maa and Naagarjun- Ek Yoddha. An alumnus of Anupam Ker’s Actor Prepares, Pearl is touted as the ‘playboy’ of the small screen having being linked to most of his co-stars.

While this would Surbhi’s debut with Balaji Telefilms, Anita has been a loyalist for years, having done a major part of her work under the production house. Surbhi, who debuted on television with Qubool Hai, was last seen in horror-thriller Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai. She has also done a web series Tanhaiyaan with Barun Sobti. As for Anita, after having dome some substantial roles in shows like Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii, Kkvyanalai and more, she attempted a grey shade for the first time in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The actor in her interviews mentioned how the constant bashing affected her personally but now it seems she is game for some more by playing the negative role in Naagin 3.

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The characters were not aspirational but that’s what drew me to them: Tabu at Express Adda


Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | New Delhi | Updated: March 7, 2018 1:23 am Actor Tabu in conversation with The Indian Express Deputy Editor Seema Chishti at Express Adda in New Delhi. (Photo: Express Photo Service)

This edition of Express Adda, held at The Claridges, New Delhi, hosted actor Tabu. In a discussion moderated by Deputy Editor Seema Chishti, Tabu talked about playing dark characters with layers, exploring changing relationships in modern India and what she would like to change about making movies.

On whether it’s easier to make people laugh or cry

Both are equally difficult or easy. I don’t think I set out with the intention of making them laugh, or making them cry. If I think about that then perhaps I’ll lose sight of what I’m doing. The director can have an intention of what he wants the audience to feel but with me it’s always been how well and how truly I can portray the character and how I can make it interesting; how I can do it my way and make it special. So yes, if people laugh and cry in that process, it’s great. I think it’s gratifying to hear that you’ve made people feel an emotion. That’s the ultimate reward for an artist.

Photos: Tabu opens up about her struggles and what continues to drive her

On what drew her to acting

I’m still trying to figure out my relationship with acting and cinema. It was never my intention to be an actress. I was always extremely anxious about exams, so I would never go to watch a film when my exams were coming close. My sister was very interested in watching movies, she managed to watch movies and do well in school but I was very nervous because I was terrible at math, in spite of the fact that my grandfather was a mathematician. It was the talk of Hyderabad, ki mathematician ki nawasi aur math mein itni kharab. Movies happened by accident, Devsaab (Dev Anand) spotted me and chose me to play his daughter. My sister was spotted by Yash Chopra to play his lead. Later, I joined college and this time I was spotted by Shekhar Kapur, who was casting for Prem. After my first film, I had sworn never to act because I did not enjoy it. I thought it took me away from school and studies and Hyderabad, and anything that took me away from Hyderabad, I didn’t like. But of course, as destiny would have it, I agreed to do that one film and I got stuck.

(Photo: Express Photo Service)

On doing challenging roles

While I enjoyed being the quintessential heroine and wearing good clothes and running around in Switzerland, I also knew that I could do more and I wanted to do more. I was just waiting for that chance and when I got those chances, I just leapt at them. It was an honour for me to play those characters in Maachis, Hu Tu Tu and Astitva at a stage when I was too young to even understand them but I think the fact that these filmmakers were coming to me with those kind of characters made me feel good about myself.

Winnie the Pooh Is Reportedly Too Controversial for Christopher Robin to Play in China


Disneys Christopher Robin—a live-action drama about Winnie the Pooh—isnt going to be released in China. Why, you ask? Why would a charming, mild movie made for children get shooed away from the Chinese market, banished to the same exile as films like Suicide Squad and the Ghostbusters remake?

You can try guessing, but—unless youre hyper clued in to Chinese politics—youll never land on the right answer. So here goes: according to the Hollywood Reporter, the film is being barred from China because Pooh—a happy, honey-loving bear—has become a symbol of resistance to the Chinese government, particularly President Xi Jinping. Citizens have reportedly made unflattering physical comparisons between Jinping and Pooh, to the point where side-by-side images of the have been censored online by authorities. Apparently, Xis a little sensitive about the whole thing. Oh, bother.

The studio has not released an official reason for the films lack of a China release, and representatives for Disney have not yet responded to Vanity Fairs request for comment. However, an insider tells T.H.R. that the decision to keep the film out of China is more about the size and scope of the film, as well as the fact that it would be competing with major tentpoles.

The Pooh-Jinping comparisons have been going for the last few months, born out of a viral image that compared Jinping and then president Barack Obama walking next to each other to an image of Pooh and Tigger. China-based social media users noticed back in May that searches for Winnie the Pooh on popular social media site Weibo were turning up error messages that read “content is illegal.” In addition, users were banned from using the bears name to comment on posts.

The Pooh-pooing goes beyond that, too. Back in June, late night firebrand John Oliver did a segment about Jinping on Last Week Tonight, in which he mocked the presidents sensitivity to the Pooh comparisons. “The fact hes annoyed about it means people will never stop bringing it up,” he joked. Shortly afterward, HBOs website was blocked in China. Oliver responded by tossing another joke at Jinpings expense in a later episode.

As T.H.R. notes, Christopher Robin is projected to fare well at the box office with or without the ever- valuable Chinese market, and is expected to nab between $20 million and $30 million in its opening weekend. But still, waving goodbye to that Chinese theater-going crowd means Christopher Robin is missing out on a lot of honey.

Get Vanity Fairs HWD NewsletterSign up for essential industry and award news from Hollywood.Full ScreenPhotos:If You Love Old Hollywood Gossip, Put These Books, Films, and Podcasts on Your List

You Must Remember This

Karina Longworths must-listen podcast is a treasure trove of forgotten and secret stories from Hollywoods early decades. In its latest season, Longworth explores Hollywood Babylon, experimental filmmaker Kenneth Angers 1959 book that purportedly had all the juiciest gossip of Hollywoods golden age. In the series, Longworth dives right into the rumors, sussing out Angers wildest stories about figures like Fatty Arbuckle and silent-film star Olive Thomas.Photo: Photograph by Emily Perl. Courtesy of Panoply (cover art).*Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood*

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

In the upcoming documentary, which opens in New York on August 3, filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer tells the story of Scotty Bowers, a Hollywood pimp who claims he set up old Hollywoods closeted stars with private trysts. His claims are grand and sexy. From Spencer Tracy to Katharine Hepburn to Cary Grant, theres no limit to the stars Scotty alleges he worked with. (Photo: Left, Scotty and friends; Right, Scotty in uniform.)Photo: Photos courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment.*Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood*

Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood

In this 2005 book, author Donald Bogle dives into the history and lore of famous black actors in Hollywoods earliest decades, from Stepin Fetchit to Dorothy Dandridge. Bogle traces what it was really like being a black star at the time, shedding light on the rise of figures like Lena Horne and Sammy Davis Jr.Photo: Courtesy of One World.*Bring on the Empty Horses*

Mister Rogerss Gay, Black Friend François Clemmons Wears Tiaras Now


François Clemmons couldnt practice everything Mr. Rogers preached. True, Clemmons became one of the first African-Americans with a recurring role on a kids TV series in 1968, when he joined Mister Rogers Neighborhood. As Officer Clemmons, the trained opera singer charmed children and found refuge in the shows driving force, his friend—our friend—Fred Rogers.

But while the civil-rights movement was in full swing by 1968, the L.G.B.T.Q. liberation movement was still in its infancy. Clemmons, a Birmingham, Alabama native, made a bold statement with Rogers in 1969, when the two of them shared a foot bath during an episode that aired at the height of desegregation—but at the same time, Clemmons was asked to keep quiet about his identity as a gay man. Rogers requested that his co-star stay away from gay clubs—not because he was homophobic, says Clemmons, but to avoid potentially alienating the programs conservative viewers.

Viewers who have seen director Morgan Nevilles heartening new documentary Wont You Be My Neighbor?, know that much. In the film, now playing in major markets and expanding into more theaters in July, Clemmons speaks lovingly about Rogers, alongside the late performers closest family members and co-workers. But Clemmons also acknowledges the sacrifices he had to make for the show, a point Clemmons says has been scrutinized without proper historical context from media outlets since the movies release.

So the Grammy-winning tenor—who was briefly married to a woman decades ago, a union prompted partly by a suggestion from Rogers—has decided to tell his full story in a memoir called DivaMan: My Life in Song. The book will reflect the reality of living as a young, gay person at a time when he had no role models, or much sympathy for his plight—particularly from the Baptist church in which he was raised.

“I judge a lot by my memory, and it seems to be coming back like gangbusters,” said the 73-year-old, who officially retired in 2013 after 15 years as Middlebury Colleges artist-in-residence and director of its Martin Luther King Spiritual Choir. Clemmons continues to serve as a vocal and unofficial life coach for students, whom he calls his “cosmic children.” He still lives in Middlebury, and like any good diva, houses his flashy jackets and dresses in a special closet he added to the three-bedroom home he shares with his constant companion, a nine-year-old Tibetan terrier named Princess.

In a recent phone interview, Clemmons reflected on his close relationship with Rogers, whom he calls his surrogate father; sneaking to the Stonewall Inn in the 60s; and how it feels to dress himself in African chieftain robes and shiny tiaras—after wearing a police uniform for 25 years on childrens TV.

Vanity Fair: What did you miss out on during the years that Mr. Rogers asked you to stay in the closet?

François Clemmons: Something romantic. But I think I missed out on romance as a normal kid. I didnt get to take my boyfriend to the prom, and college was the same basic experience, being in the closet. Then after that, you go to graduate school, which is where I was when I met Fred Rogers. And I was not romantically involved with someone [of the same sex] who I loved deeply. I had infatuations with boys, and I was about 9 or 10 when I realized how incredibly satisfying, how comfortable and fulfilling, it was to spend time with my same sex. But I never had a romantic relationship.

Did you have a romantic relationship with a man after the show?

Basically, no. I couldnt find the François that could give them what they deserve. . . . And [during the show], I could not handle people having an open discussion about the fact that François Clemmons is living with his lover. I did feel like I was risking [something], because people knew who I was. I had a full conversation with Fred about what it could possibly do to the program and to my role on the program, and I didnt feel I wanted to risk it. You know, the articles that have talked about me, I dont think theyve taken into full account that societal norms were vastly different than what they are right now.

Samantha Akkineni, Naga Chaitanya, Nagarjuna, Amala and Akhil Akkineni are on a family vacation, see photos


Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Published: October 1, 2018 6:33:48 pm Samantha Akkineni and husband Naga Chaitanya will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on October 6.

Samantha Akkineni and husband Naga Chaitanya will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on October 6. And looks like before the big day, the Akkineni family is on a getaway. Nagarjuna, Amala, Akhil Akkineni, Naga, Samantha and a few close friends of the family are on a vacation.

Nagarjuna Akkineni shared the family photo on his social media accounts and wrote, “Yaaayyy!!! Holidays are even more fun with family & friends with the sweet smell of success!!! #DevaDas @NameisNani @aakanksha_s30 @iamRashmika @VyjayanthiFilms.”

Samantha Akkineni, Naga Chaitanya family vacation

Nagarjuna had also shared a click as he left for the holiday.

Nagarjuna Akkineni

See Akkineni family photos from the vacation:

Samantha Akkineni, Naga Chaitanya Samantha Akkineni, Naga Chaitanya

Samantha Akkineni recently also shared photos from her romantic getaway with Naga Chaitanya. They were seen enjoying the beautiful locales of Ibiza.

See more photos of Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya from the vacation:

The 10 Craziest Sabrina Comic Plots That Probably Wont Make It to Netflix


TV and comics fans who are familiar only with Melissa Joan Harts sunny 90s take on Sabrina the teenage witch—or her squeaky-clean 60s comic-book alter ego—may feel skeptical about Netflixs dark, horror-filled version of the story, which debuts October 26. But the truth of the matter is that this new on-screen iteration of Greendales blondest, most magical teen is actually many, many degrees tamer than the Sabrina haunting the pages of Archie Comics publications. In fact, theres a whole host of horrors on the page that may never make it to your screens.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with art by Robert Hack, may look like a retro throwback—but it was launched in 2014 as a companion of sorts to an extremely popular Archie zombie comic called Afterlife with Archie. Aguirre-Sacasas gruesome take on the malt-sipping residents of Riverdale was such a smash hit in the comic world that he was quickly named chief creative officer of Archie Comics. He parlayed his ambitions for the company into first show-running Riverdale, and now Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—an even more direct adaptation of his own book. The comic version is only eight slim issues, and Aguirre-Sacasa abruptly halted the story in October 2017—just one month after the TV adaptation was announced. Perhaps Aguirre-Sacasa decided he wanted to save any bright Sabrina ideas for her new home at Netflix.

When Aguirre-Sacasa first conceived of Chilling Adventures, he set the action in the 1960s to further distance it from the horrors of Afterlife with Archie—in which a more modern version of Sabrina has her own role to play. This period setting prompted Aguirre-Sacasa to draw on the likes of Rosemarys Baby, The Omen, and more to inspire his blood-soaked plotlines. It also meant that some of the more progressive issues that Aguirre-Sacasa usually explores got somewhat buried: in book form, Chilling Adventures is extremely white, and and Sabrinas Patricia Highsmith-reading cousin Ambrose is merely coded as gay.

But in this new Netflix series, Aguirre-Sacasa tries to have his demonic cake and eat it too. The show still looks like its set in the 60s—even though it takes place in the modern day. Issues of sexuality, gender, and racial identity all have a part to play. But the show occasionally runs into trouble as it tries to mine the ghoulish world of Satanism and sacrifice, while also softening the go-for-broke horror of the comic. Kiernan Shipkas version of Sabrina is much sweeter than the comics Sabrina; her aunts dietary habits are less grisly; and, as far as I can tell, any whiff of undead incest (oh yeah!) has been bleached out of the new show. But if its cannibalism or the most taboo will-they, wont-they romance youre after, here are 10 crazy Chilling Adventures comic plots (and one bonus palate cleanser) that will likely never make it to Netflix.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

Hilda and Zelda Are Cannibals—and They May Not Be the Only Ones: When Sabrinas aunts move her to a new home in Greendale, they pick a plum spot right across the street from the cemetery—the better to midnight snack, I suppose. The aunts make references throughout the comics to sweetbreads (a.k.a. organs) and other human delicacies, prompting Sabrinas droll cousin Ambrose to remark on their not-so-subtle taste for human flesh. Are the aunties sparing Sabrina the blood and flesh they so eagerly dish up? Well, theres no indication she eats differently than they do when at home—so perhaps shes a fine, young cannibal, too.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

Betty and Veronica Are Witches: Its a shame, really, that the Netflix version of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina wont cross over with Riverdale anytime soon, because the comics witchy version of these two iconic characters is really a sight to behold. Artist Robert Hack has a lot of fun with these girls in their immaculate cheer uniforms, busting out their finest dance moves in order to conjure ghosts and ghouls and demons. In the Sabrina comic, Betty and Veronica may also be just as gay as many of their fans have long wished them to be.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

What Sabrinas Dad Did to Sabrinas Mom: In both the 90s sitcom and the new Netflix series, the question of Sabrinas parentage is treated as something of a romantic affair. Her father, Edward, a warlock, fell in love with her mother, Diana, a mortal, and defied convention to produce Sabrina, who winds up caught between two worlds. Not so in the comics, where Edward is considered the books biggest threat to Sabrinas well-being. He married Diana in order to further his own power-hungry goals of creating an heir that would please his master. (That would be Satan.) Once Diana gave birth and learned what her husband intended, he drove her mad and had her locked up in an insane asylum. Not quite the Romeo and Juliet of the witching world.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

Ann-Margret Is a Witch, and More: Because the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic is set in the 1960s, the pop-culture references are a bit dated. The implication that Swedish-American Bye Bye Birdie star Ann-Margret is a witch, however, is one of the more modern references in the books. Aguirre-Sacasa cited Neil Gaimans comic-book opus The Sandman as an inspiration for his new take on Sabrina. Gaiman took delight in weaving literary figures and mythological plots into his stories of gods and mortals, and so Aguirre-Sacasa, taking a page from Gaiman, also included some Rudyard Kipling yarns in his saga—and gave Salem the cats backstory a familiar Arthur Miller twist.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

Thats right: Chilling Adventures expects you to keep up with the 17th century witch trials illustrated in The Crucible, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and Bye Bye Birdie. Dont worry, the Netflix show wont be nearly so demanding.

Excerpt from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Credit: Archie Comics. Art: Robert Hack.

The Devil Eats Salems Baby: What are literary references if not an excuse to have some fun? Salem—who was a randy little jerk named Samuel before he was transformed into a cat—accidentally knocks up The Crucible villain Abigail Williams, and—twist!—she and her accusatory Puritan friends wind up really being witches themselves. (We should note that Williams was also a real-life figure, as well as a character in Millers play.) When Samuel betrays her, Abigail gives their unborn baby up to the Devil . . . and, well, theres a theme of cannibalism in this book, so you can see where things go from there.

Versace: The Truth About Andrew Cunanan and Gianni Versace’s Relationship


The first episode of American Crime Story Season 2, titled The Assassination of Gianni Versace, wastes no time in linking spree killer Andrew Cunanan with his final and most famous victim: Gianni Versace. The series opens with a sweeping sequence showing Versace looking out majestically from the balcony of his Miami mansion while Cunanan sifts through a shabby, sand-logged backpack on the beach below—immediately establishing the “have” and “have not” in FX’s grim fable. The premiere, “The Man Who Would Be Vogue,” is front-loaded with two encounters between Cunanan and Versace—one in the V.I.P. room of a nightclub, and one on the stage of the San Francisco Opera following a performance of Capriccio, for which Versace designed costumes.

Given Cunanan’s propensity for pathological lying and the dreamlike quality of these sequences, though, what is the truth about Cunanan and Versace’s relationship—and what are we meant to see as simply Cunanan’s delusion?

In 1997, Vanity Fair contributing editor Maureen Orth—who wrote the book on which The Assassination of Gianni Versace is based—was the first to report that Cunanan and Versace actually had met in San Francisco in 1990. Based on interviews with multiple witnesses to the interaction, Orth described how Cunanan and his friend Eli Gould met the fashion designer in the V.I.P. room of the nightclub Colossus.

The designer walked in with an entourage, including [Versace’s boyfriend] Antonio D’Amico and [Capriccio choreographer] Val Caniparoli, who quickly introduced him to a few people. After about fifteen minutes of chitchat and waves of young men eager to meet him, Versace began to survey the room. He noticed Andrew standing with Eli, cocked his head, and walked in their direction. “I know you,” he said to Andrew. “Lago di Como, no?” Versace was referring to the house he owned on Lake Como near the Swiss border. Reportedly he would often use the Lago di Como line when he wanted to strike up a conversation with someone.

Andrew was thrilled and Eli couldn’t believe it. “That’s right,” Andrew answered. “Thank you for remembering, Signore Versace.” Then Andrew introduced Eli to Versace, who made polite talk about whether they had seen the opera. (They hadn’t.) Eli and Andrew then drifted back down to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, another man—Doug Stubblefield—claimed to have seen Versace with Cunanan on a different occasion in San Francisco that fall. He says a chauffeured car containing the duo, plus socialite Harry de Wildt, pulled up alongside him as he was walking on Market Street one evening. “To show off, Andrew had the car come to the curb, and Andrew and Doug had a conversation,” writes Orth. But Harry de Wildt, “a sixtyish dandy . . . married to a younger, big-boned Hillman heiress,” denied that he ever met Cunanan, let alone traveled in a car with Versace and Cunanan. Tangling this complicated web of alleged interactions even further, another friend of Cunanan’s, Steven Gomer, told Orth that Cunanan had personally introduced him to de Wildt—and that the two seemed to go “back a long way.”

Gomer also told Orth that, on another evening, he ran into Cunanan at a different San Francisco haunt. Cunanan, who was wearing a tuxedo at the time, claimed to have just come from Capriccio, where he “was with Gianni Versace.” This stray remark seems to be the basis for the Versace scene in which Cunanan and Versace, surrounded by candelabras and sipping champagne, get to know each other on the stage of the San Francisco Opera. This moment, at least, has less of a basis in fact; as Versace co-star Ricky Martin tells Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast, “We’re not making a photo; we’re making a painting. We add color, etc.”

Though Versace’s family has maintained, in the 20 years following the murder, that Gianni never met his killer, Orth also told Vanity Fairlast week, “There is no doubt in my mind that those two met.” During an interview with Vanity Fair’s American Crime Story companion podcast, Orth said, “That all is absolutely fact-based, on-the-record reporting.”

In fact, when news broke in July 1997 that Gianni had been fatally gunned down on the steps of his Miami mansion, Orth was one of the first people to have a correct hunch about who the killer was. She had spent the previous months extensively researching the mind-set and murder spree of 27-year-old Cunanan, an intelligent, half-Filipino college dropout who suffered delusions of grandeur, a drug habit, and a dark sexual history. In a feature that was set to be published in Vanity Fair the following month, Orth reported that Cunanan had only encountered one of the celebrities he claimed to have met in his countless, fabrication-filled monologues: Versace.

Because both Versace and Cunanan are said to have dabbled in sex-for-hire circles in San Francisco and Miami—Versace as procurer, Cunanan as purveyor—there is the slight chance that their orbits also intersected in unreported ways. But even if they did in fact only meet once, Cunanan spoke of his “friendship” with the fashion designer so often that at least three of Cunanan’s friends claimed to have told the F.B.I., after Cunanan went missing following his first four murders, about his alleged relationship with Versace.

Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India teaser: Allu Arjun as Surya is ever fuming, watch video


Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Published: January 1, 2018 6:07 pm Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India teaser is here

Tollywood star Allu Arjun shared the teaser, what the filmmakers describe as the first impact, of his upcoming film Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India on Monday to celebrate the beginning of 2018. Earlier, at the pre-release function of his little brother Allu Sirish’s Okka Kshanam, Arjun seemed a bit cranky. He was not happy as his fans were continuously cheering and whistling while he spoke. And he also clearly communicated his feeling to fans.

Looks like Arjun was still under the impact of his Surya character from his upcoming film while speaking at the film event. The teaser introduces us to the ever fuming Surya, a soldier of the Indian Army. He seems like a ticking bomb waiting for somebody to push the right button so that he could explode.

“Surya means anger,” says the voice of Arjun Sarja, who is also playing an important role in the film but not seen in the teaser. The teaser gives away a few things about Surya’s character. First, he is angry. Second, he is always angry. Third, he is ready to die for the country.

The intense training that Surya gets subjected to suggests that he is aspiring to become the commando of India’s elite strike force, Paratroopers. (Have you seen Discovery channel documentary ‘India’s Paratrooper – Earning The Badge’?)

“Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India is a movie title I’m proud of and I hope it also becomes a movie I’m proud of in my career,” said Arjun at the Okka Kshanam event. The film looks intense and promises a high-voltage action treat for the fans.


Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India will mark the directorial debut of popular screen writer Vakkantham Vamsi. Anu Emmanuel plays the female lead, while Sarathkumar will be seen as the main antagonist.

It has music by Vishal-Shekhar duo and is bankrolled by Lagadapati Sridhar and Sirisha under Ramalakshmi Cine Creations. The film is expected to hit the screens on April 27.

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Ackley Bridge spoilers: Jordan Wilson finds his mother


Credit: Channel 4
Jordan Wilson (Picture: Channel 4)

Jordan Wilson struggles to keep his emotions in check next week on Ackley Bridge, when he spots his mum.

Jordan and Corys mum left the family and Jordan has previously blamed his abusive father for driving her away.

Jordan is driving in a car with Candice when he comes to an abrupt halt. In an exclusive preview clip he stares at a woman serving drinks outside a restaurant.

When Candice asks him whats going on, Jordan admits that the woman is his mother.

An excited Candice encourages him to go and speak to her but Jordan is horrified at the thought. He drives past the restaurant.

Jordan has had a difficult time at home with his fathers violence putting him in heartbreaking situations.

But a second clip hints that Jordan may be on his way out of the family home. Jordan is a talented cartoonist and hopes to get into his dream college. When Mandy, his headmistress, points out that hell have to move away to go there, Jordan isnt fazed.

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Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga actor Siddharth Nigam: Excited to play my childhood hero on screen


Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: August 21, 2018 6:40:53 pm Siddharth Nigam will play the lead role in SAB TVs Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga. Related News

Siddharth Nigam is back on television with SAB TVs Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga. Playing the titular role, the actor will be joined by Avneet Kaur, Aamir Dalvi and Smita Bansal among others in the fantasy drama. Excited about the series, Siddharth, in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, shared, “I have been a fan of Aladdin since childhood. I have always loved watching the series. And I am super excited to enact the same role. Its a dream come true moment for me. Aladdin is a package of adventure, romance, comedy and action. I am sure fans would love the show. Also, its the first time I stepping out of a historical genre. So this show is all the more special for me.”

The Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat actor had been missing from screen for some time now. Stating the reason for his absence, he said, “I was busy with my board exams, which I managed to pass with flying colours. Also, I am still focusing on gymnastics and was participating in a few competitions during the time. Acting was completely destinys plan. Gymnastics is my passion. Its my dream to represent my country in the Olympics one day. Thankfully, after being an actor, I have found a good platform to promote sports in a much better way.”

Siddharth started his acting journey with Dhoom 3. The 17-year-old is clear that he wants to make his Bollywood debut with a bang. He said, “I know its not the right age for me to make my big debut. I am being patient for I want the best script, director, and producer to launch me on the big screen. I want to have that maturity and skills to make my mark. I dont want to be just another actor getting into films. Luckily for me, I have only done lead roles in television and so nobody has categorised me as a child actor. I am still signed as the hero. People train themselves for years and I have been lucky to find my learning school on television. While working, I get to collaborate with the best of actors and directors. Its a complete privilege for me.”

After Siddharths success, his brother Abhishek also ventured into acting. When asked if theres any competition between the siblings, he smiled to say, “We are very close as brothers. But like every sibling, we too have a healthy competition between us. Abhishek has been a great support to me. He is more inclined towards studies and is currently doing law. All my contracts are done through him and he is always there to back me. A lot of time, he even directs my scenes.”

Starting tonight, Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga will air Monday-Friday at 9 pm on SAB TV.

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