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‘Be Mine’: Facebook Friend Ambushes Woman in NYC Bathroom


What to Know

  • A woman was ambushed in her NYC bathroom in the pre-dawn hours one day by a man she had met on Facebook, police say[hhmc]

  • She had invited him to her apartment at some point prior to the attack, but wasn't expecting him to show up in her bathroom at 5 a.m. [hhmc]

  • Anyone with information about Miguel Santos is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS[hhmc]

Police are looking for a man who showed up in a woman's Bronx bathroom one day before dawn last month, told her, "You're going to be mine" and tried to rape her.

The 33-year-old victim had met the suspect, identified as Miguel Santos, on Facebook and invited him to her apartment in the Concourse section at some point prior to the attack, police say — but she wasn't expecting him to show up in her bathroom at 5 a.m. March 8.

Santos allegedly sneaked inside as she was in the bathroom and grabbed her while pushing his body onto hers. She screamed, and her roommate came in and ordered him to stop, then called police, authorities say. Santos ran off.

The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment and observation.

Two Charged in Missing NYC Teacher's Murder


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Flying priests and empty churches: Easter in the time of coronavirus


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From services in empty churches and “drive-through” confessions, to priests blessing entire cities from the skies, with dozens of countries in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, worshippers all over the world have had to find innovative ways to mark the Easter holidays.


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In Ecuadors Guayaquil, the city hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak in the country, Bishop Giovanni Battista boarded a helicopter this Thursday to offer traditional Easter blessings to the residents below.

"Never in the history of the Church has there been a Holy Week like this week due to the pandemic and so we just have to follow the rules that the government has given us,” he said.

In many places, the coronavirus pandemic has seen religious gatherings of all kinds banned and places of worship shuttered as governments try to control the viruss spread.

Pope Francis held Mass in an empty St. Peter&#Read More – Source

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Man seen climbing exterior of London’s Shard skyscraper


LONDON (Reuters) – A man was seen climbing the Shard skyscraper in London on Monday, scaling the glass exterior of Western Europes tallest building at sunrise.

British police said they were called at 0415 GMT after reports that a man was climbing up the tower. He was talking to police and has not been arrested, they said.

Located close to London Bridge, the Shard is 310 metres (1017 ft) tall and is home to offices, restaurants, a retail arcade and a hotel.

Reporting by Kate Holton; Editing by William Schomberg

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McFaul endorses call to murder Russian intel officers by reposting fake video


Former US ambassador to Russia and ardent Kremlin critic, Michael McFaul, has shared with his 25,000 Facebook followers a call to kill Russian state officials. The repost has since been deleted.

McFaul, who served as America's Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, shared a post from the "Russian Regions" anti-government group, which have called for mass protests against the Kremlin, using Iran as an example.

“300,000 Iranians are marching to lynch local Chekists [intelligence officers] – and what have you done for Russia?” the message by online user Yana Sizikova said in Russian, along with video footage of a massive crowd of protesters. The word Chekists derives from Cheka, which was the Soviet domestic intelligence service from 1917 to 1922.

#Obama frm ambassador to #Russia reposting not just your regular incitement of violence but an actual call to murder state employees. Translation: 300,000 Iranians are heading to hang local security forces and what have u done for Russia

— Oksana Boyko (@OksanaBoyko_RT) January 1, 2018

Users were quick to point out that the video in the post was not from Iran, but from the 2011 Arab Spring uprising in Bahrain. The Bahraini flags are clearly visible in the video.

في فبراير ٢٠١١ خرج اكثر من ٣٠٠ الف مواطن من سكان البحرين حاملين إعلام #البحرين ومطالبين بحقوقهم فتم تخوينهم و وصفهم با احقر الألفاظ و وقفت جميع أنظمة الخليج ضدهم


This was the only problem McFaul saw with the original post. Embarrassed at having soiled his hands with fake news, he deleted his repost and apologized for having shared something “mislabeled by someone else.”

Maduro criticizes UN human rights report in letter


The letter is dated July 11, and states that Bachelet "presented a report plagued by false statements, misrepresentations and mishandling of data and sources". Maduro had previously accused Bachelet of bias following the publication of the report on July 4, but this is the first time the president has reacted at such length and detail. The letter is five pages long. It accuses Bachelet of conducting the vast majority of fact-finding interviews outside of Venezuela, and emphasizes the role of US economic sanctions in its humanitarian crisis.The letter also "demands a full rectification and correction of the grave errors" on behalf of Bachelet's office. Stating that Bachelet "sidelined with those who act against our people", Maduro wrote that the report "damaged the efforts by thRead More – Source

Coronavirus superhero survivors donate antibody-rich plasma hoping for cure


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As she emerges from quarantine, recovered COVID-19 patient Diana Berrent is eager to join the battle against the pandemic and donate precious antibodies that researchers hope might help others.


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In mid-March, the New Yorker woke up with a 102-degree (39 Celsius) fever and intense chest heaviness, becoming one of the first from her Long Island neighborhood to test positive for coronavirus.

This week, Berrent was the first survivor in her state screened for antibodies — immune system-generated proteins that can ward off viruses — to contribute to initial tests seeking treatment for the infection that's left more than 51,000 people dead worldwide.

Convalescent plasma, the fluid in blood teeming with antibodies post-illness, has proven effective in small studies to treat infectious diseases including Ebola and SARS.

Now, the US Food and Drug Administration has greenlit physicians to experiment with the strategy as coronavirus patients fill hospitals and the nation's positive caseload spikes to over 236,000.

Bruce Sachias, chief medical officer of the New York Blood Center — which will collect, test and distribute donations in the city — said while there is reason to believe plasma transfusions can help alleviate the current crisis, tests underway are not intended to yield golden-ticket solutions.

"It's really important for us to be very cognizant of the fact that we're still in very new territory," he said.

Argentine prosecutor’s death ruled a murder


The ruling marks the first time a judge has called the death of public prosecutor Alberto Nisman a murder, in a case that has been rife with speculation and conspiracy theories.Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment on January 18, 2015, from a gunshot wound to his head. Days earlier, he had filed a report accusing former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and other officials of covering up Iran's involvement in a 1994 Jewish community center bombing that left 85 people dead and more than 300 wounded. Initially, Fernández and others called his death a suicide. But tests found no gunpowder residue on Nisman's hands or traces of blood on his arms to suggest the bullet wound was self-inflicted, judge Julián Ercolini wrote in a 656-page ruling."The death of Prosecutor Nisman was not a suicide, and was brought about by a third party and in a painful manner," Ercolini said in the ruling. In the ruling, Ercolini charged Diego Lagomarsino with accessory to murder. Lagomarsino was the last person inside the prosecutor's apartment, and Nisman was killed with a weapon belonging to Lagomarsino, the judge said. Lagomarsino, an IT security expert who worked for Nisman, has maintained that he gave Nisman his gun at the prosecutor's insistence. According to Lagomarsino, Nisman called him to his home on January 17 worried for his safety. But Lagomarsino has insisted he had nothing to do with Nisman's death.When he died, Nisman was overseeing the investigation of the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association. In his report, Nisman alleged that Fernandez and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman wanted to cover up Iran's involvement in order to boost trade — specifically, oil imports and grain exports — with the Islamic republic.The Fernández administration hit back sharply after the allegations, denying a cover-up of Iranian links. At the time, Fernández said Nisman's claims "were intended to lie, disguise and confuse."After filing the complaint, Nisman made a prescient comment about the investigation: "I could end up dead from this," he told a reporter. Then, the night before he was scheduled to testify before lawmakers, his body was found.

CNN's Mariano Castillo, Mayra Cuevas and Eliott C. McLaughlin contributed to this report.

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Man Faces Charges in Wild Brooklyn Chase


What to Know

  • A driver allegedly crashed into several cars in Brooklyn, then dropped a gun as he tried to leave the scene, police said[hhmc]

  • At some point during the incident, the man allegedly drove on the sidewalk, according to police[hhmc]

  • Police who arrived at the scene found civilians holding the man in custody[hhmc]

A 39-year-old man faces charges Sunday in a wild chase through the streets — and sidewalks — of Crown Heights, which ended when a good Samaritan tackled him, officials say.

Andy James was charged with reckless driving, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, among other charges, the NYPD said. He was expected to be arraigned Saturday.

Officers found alcohol and marijuana in James' silver Jaguar, police said. His blood alcohol level was o.0801 percent.

James has previously faced charges relating to guns, marijuana and robbery, police said.

Good Samaritans Stop Driver Trying to Flee Crash

[NY] Good Samaritans Stop Driver Trying to Flee Crash

Police responding to two calls reporting an accident and a person with a gun near Troy Avenue and President Street in Crown Heights on Friday afternoon found civilians holding a man in custody, the NYPD said.

A preliminary investigation determined the man was driving a Jaguar sedan that hit several cars on President Street, police said.

At some point, the man allegedly jumped a curbRead More – Source

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Happening Today: Barr, Assange, Measles, Lori Loughlin


What to Know

  • Attorney General William Barr declared he thinks "spying did occur" against Donald Trump's presidential campaign[hhmc]

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there have been 465 cases so far this year, two-thirds of them in New York state[hhmc]

  • Whatever happened to Lori Loughlin, the woman who once declared her family wasn't interesting enough for prime-time TV?[hhmc]

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William Barr Says 'I Think Spying Did Occur' Against Trump Campaign

Attorney General William Barr declared he thinks "spying did occur" against Donald Trump's presidential campaign, suggesting the origins of the Russia investigation may have been mishandled in remarks that aligned him with the president at a time when Barr's independence is under scrutiny. Barr, appearing before a Senate panel, did not say what "spying" may have taken place but seemed to be alluding to a surveillance warrant the FBI obtained on a former Trump associate. He later said he wasn't sure there had been improper surveillance but wanted to make sure proper procedures were followed. Still, his remarks give a boost to Trump and his supporters who insist his 2016 campaign was unfairly targeted by the FBI. Barr was testifying for a second day at congressional budget hearings that were dominated by questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation. His statements further inflamed Democrats already frustrated by Barr's handling of the Mueller report, including his release of a four-page summary letter last month that they say paints the special counsel's findings in an overly favorable way for the president. The attorney general said he expects to release a redacted version of Mueller's report on Russian interference in the campaign next week. In an interview, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she didn't trust Barr and suggested his statements undermined his credibility as America's chief law enforcement officer.

WikiLeaks Founder Arrested at Ecuador Embassy in London

Police in London arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy Thursday for failing to surrender to the court in 2012, shortly after the South American nation revoked his asylum. Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno said a tweet that his government withdrew Assange's status for repeated violations of international conventions. Moreno described it as a "sovereign decision" due to "repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life." Assange took refuge in the embassy in London in 2012 and has been holed up inside ever since. "Today I announce that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of Mr. Julian Assange, the hostile and threatening declarations of its allied organization, against Ecuador, and especially the transgression of international treaties, have led the situation to a point where the asylum of Mr. Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable," Moreno said in a video statement released on Twitter.

How Measles Is Making a Return in New York and Elsewhere

New York City declared a public health emergency and ordered mandatory vaccinations for measles in a part of Brooklyn that is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community. The city took the unusual step amid a surge of 285 measles cases in the city since September, most in one densely packed neighborhood where people now have to get vaccines or risk a $1,000 fine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there have been 465 cases so far this year, two-thirds of them in New York state. That compares to 372 cases in the U.S. for all of last year. Besides New York, there have been outbreaks this year in Washington state, California. Michigan and New Jersey. The disease was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, which means it was not being spread domestically. But cases have been rising in recent years, in part the result of misinformation that makes some parents balk at a crucial vaccine. Most of the reported illnesses are in children. The CDC says roughly 80% of the U.S. cases are age 19 or younger.

Lori Loughlin 'Freaking Out' About Possible Jail Time, Source Says

Whatever happened to the woman who once declared her family wasn't interesting enough for prime-time TV? "We've been asked to do a reality show a couple times," Lori Loughlin revealed during an interview on E!'s Daily Pop last year, adding they had turned each one down flat because "wRead More – Source

US will move embassy to Jerusalem next year – Vice President Pence


The US Embassy in Israel will relocate to Jerusalem next year, Vice President Mike Pence has said. It comes less than two months after Donald Trump formally recognized the city as the capital of Israel.

Pence’s remark was made during a visit to Jerusalem on Monday, which is part of his official visit to the Middle East.

“In the weeks ahead, our administration will advance its plan to open the US embassy in Jerusalem – and that United States embassy will open before the end of next year,” he said in a speech to the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, as quoted by Reuters.

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“Jerusalem is Israel’s capital – and, as such, President Trump has directed the State Department to begin initial preparations to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” he added, declining to give an exact date of when the embassy would open.

It comes after US President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in early December, prompting protests in the West Bank and around the world.

Trump’s move was also slammed by the US’ biggest allies at an emergency UN Security Council meeting following the decision. Back then, British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft noted the UK “disagrees” with the move, while France said it “regrets” the decision.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also stated that Berlin “does not support” the decision, while EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the European Union would continue to recognize the “international consensus” on Jerusalem.

After a visit to Jordan as part of his Middle East trip, Pence said that he and King Abdullah II had “agreed to disagree” over the impact of Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jordan’s monarch is insistent that East Jerusalem must be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

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