A Guide to Style This Season’s Hottest Trend — Barrettes (You’re Welcome)


Barrettes remind me of the good old days when I used to beg my mom to style my hair "half-up, half-down," which essentially referred to her swiftly lifting a small section of my hair from the crown and securing it with a clip. But boy, did my barrettes get more exciting with age. They went from thin, skinny metal bars to ornamental little things with bows. They became full-on fashion accessories. I matched them with all my outfits and, on the more vibrant days, coordinated them with butterfly clips. Barrettes were my jam.

As they make their return in 2020, they're bulkier and more geometric. Some come in lucite, some are big half-circles, and some are decorated with pearls and shells. Barrettes say a lot about your personality, too. With brands like BaubleBar, Ashley Williams, and Lelet NY creating barrettes with punchy phrases — including "J'ADORE" and "GLAM" — we might as well revolve our entire outfits around these little guys. Read More – Source