ADHD Video Games – The Video Game Doctors Prescribe


If your child is struggling with ADHD, the video game that doctors prescribe may be the answer. The game is kid-friendly and can help your child manage their condition. This ADHD treatment doesn’t involve a doctor’s visit, and it’s also a lot of fun.


EndeavorRx is the first video game licensed for use by doctors to treat ADHD. It is based on years of research and clinical trials that demonstrate that it can reduce symptoms of ADHD. The game has been proven to help kids with ADHD learn how to switch focus from one task to another. In fact, some kids with ADHD even improved their focus after just one month of play. Though the results are promising, more research is needed before the game can be considered a viable alternative to established ADHD medications.

The EndeavorRx video game is designed to help children with ADHD learn how to shift their attention and prioritize multiple tasks. The game also adapts to a child’s performance, so it becomes more challenging as the child gains experience. Children are typically recommended to play the game for 25 minutes a day, five days a week. The game should be used as part of a child’s overall treatment plan, which may include cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching, or ADHD medications.

The game involves steering a flying craft through an obstacle course, avoiding hazards and collecting targets. Doctors recommend playing the game for about 25 minutes a day for four weeks, with a short break between missions. The game can only be played if the child’s parents enter a special activation code.

Clinical trials

While video games have become popular in recent years, they are still considered experimental, with little evidence to support their use as a treatment for ADHD. Many video game companies have been marketing their products to children for years as a way to increase attention, but they have not been rigorously tested before being approved by the FDA. Researchers are now looking into whether or not video games can be considered medicine.

These studies may have biases, which can make it difficult to make a sound judgment about whether a video game is an effective treatment for ADHD. Researchers have found that EndeavorRx, a video game designed for children with ADHD, increased brain activity related to attention function. The game also increased EEG activity, which correlates with objective behavioral measures of attention.

A systematic review is needed to fill in this knowledge gap. The PRISMA guidelines have been developed to evaluate the quality of research and assess the risk of bias. The current review seeks to bridge this gap by applying these guidelines to ADHD research.

Side effects

Video games have been suggested by doctors as a way to treat ADHD. However, they have not been approved by the FDA for use as a treatment for the disorder. Even though they are kid-friendly, they can cause side effects. Those side effects include headaches, dizziness, and depression.

One such game, EndeavorRx, is aimed at children with ADHD. Developed by Akili Interactive, EndeavorRx teaches children with ADHD how to handle competing cognitive tasks by learning how to shift attention and ignore distractions. Although it’s not considered a standalone therapeutic, the company behind the app has provided compelling evidence that it improves attention functions in children with ADHD. It has been tested in 600 children and was rated a successful treatment for attention deficit disorder by physicians and parents.

Overexposure to video games may exacerbate symptoms of ADHD. Parents should consider setting limits for the amount of time their children can spend playing these games. It’s a good idea to encourage other activities such as reading or playing outside. Talk to your child’s pediatrician if you’re worried about excessive gaming.


Some believe that video games are too expensive for most families, while others say they’re worth it. The cost depends on the type of game you use, as well as your health insurance plan. For children with ADHD, video games are a great alternative to drugs. Some doctors are starting to recommend these games. In addition to helping children focus, they are also an excellent way to help children cope with the stress of ADHD.