Best Places to Visit in Mexico

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If you want to plan your next vacation to Mexico, there are a few places you might consider. Some of these destinations include Guadalajara, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Todos Santos, and Cancun.


Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city. It is also the country’s cultural capital and is home to numerous attractions. For a cultural experience, it is recommended to visit one of the many museums in the area. The historic center of Guadalajara is located on a beautiful square in the middle of the city. Here, you can find civil and colonial buildings, religious shrines, and theaters.


Cozumel, a Caribbean island, is known for its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and world class snorkeling. It is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for tourists. If you’re looking to explore the island, take a private jeep tour. These tours are led by experienced guides and are a great way to see the natural beauty of the island. Another option for exploring the island is by renting a bicycle. You can rent a bike by the day or by the week. This will give you the opportunity to experience all of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches and see what it has to offer.


The quaint, seaside town of Mazatlan is a great destination for your next Mexican vacation. Located on the northwest coast of Sinaloa, the city is famous for its beaches, seafood, and historical attractions. It’s also one of the top carnivals in the world. One of the city’s most impressive features is its 13-mile boardwalk. Along the way, you’ll see natural formations and monuments. You can also visit the famous El Faro lighthouse.


Whether you are a beach bum or an extreme sports enthusiast, you will find all the activities you need in Cancun. It is also a great place to visit because of its weather, history, and natural attractions. If you want to see the best sights in Cancun, you should consider taking a tour. The city offers a variety of different excursions, including a trip to Chichen Itza, a day at the beach, or a trip to the nearby cenotes.


Oaxaca is a state of Mexico that spans 36,275 square miles. It is an ideal destination for a traveler with an interest in art, history, culture, and nature. The capital city of Oaxaca has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. There are several museums and markets to explore. One of the largest traditional markets outside of Oaxaca is the Tlacolula Market. Located 45 minutes from the city center, the market is filled with fresh produce, farm tools, and artisan work.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Mexico. The ancient Maya city is located on the Yucatan peninsula. Today, it attracts over two million visitors each year. This site is open daily from 8am to 4:30pm. There are several sites to visit, including the famous Pyramid of Kukulcan. Other important ensembles include the Wall of Skulls and the Sacred Cenote.

Palenque ruins

Palenque is an archeological site in southern Mexico. It was once the center of an ancient Mayan city. The ruins are located on the border of the Chichen Itza National Park. There are several attractions to see at Palenque. One of the best things to see is the pyramid-style temple. This temple is covered with intricate carvings.

Malinalco’s archaeological zone

The city of Malinalco in Mexico is situated 70 miles south of Mexico City. It is a perfect weekend getaway from the big city. This beautiful town has a quaint feel, with brightly painted houses, cobblestone streets, and tropical gardens. There are also a few hotels and galleries. Malinalco is famous for its Archeological Site, which is also known as the Cuauhtinchan Archeological Site. This is one of the most unique Aztec ruins near Mexico City.

Todos Santos

This small, colonial town has a lot to offer, from the beaches to the galleries. It is also home to the annual Todos Santos Open Studio Tour. There is a wide variety of art galleries in Todos Santos, and the city is known for its hand-crafted goods. You’ll find a number of local artisans who make fine custom jewelry, textiles, and clothing.


Valladolid is a lovely colonial city with a lot to offer travelers. It is the second largest city in the state of Yucatan. The city is a great hub for exploring the ancient ruins of the area. Valladolid’s cathedral is the main attraction. This church was built with parts of ancient Mayan buildings. Visitors can see the cathedral from a number of different angles.