Discovering The Fascinating Style Journey Of Jenna Ortega – The Wednesday Protagonist Turned Icon


Going to Google and simply typing the letter J, the first result that will appear will be the name “Jenna Ortega”. This is because, since the Netflix series “Wednesday” was released, a succession of news and trends have depopulated on the web. From the now iconic ballet, even revived by Lady Gaga, up to the various covers performed with the cello, everyone wants to be Wednesday, the wacky girl who made every outsider fashionable. But who is behind the dark clothes of the young Addams?

Let’s see together 5 curiosities about the actress interpreting Tim Burton’s new project:

1. To say that Ortega Has Art in Her Blood May Seem Like an Overstatement, But That’s True

The young woman was in fact born on September 27, 2022 in the Coachella valley, California, known to the general public for the famous music festival held every year in the desert of the Valley. What perhaps not everyone knows is that the Choachella is not only an impressive concert, but it also hosts art installations and traveling exhibitions. Furthermore, all the “influential” personalities who participate make the event a real open-air catwalk, thanks to the experimentation of new looks and combinations of colours, materials and painting.

2. Her Favorite Hobby is Writing, Which She Says She Can’t do Without

She reports that she writes to relax, but in 2021, this passion earned her her first publication with Random House publishing house. Her first autobiographical book, entitled “It ‘s all love. Reflections for your heart and soul” is a collection of beautifully illustrated stories that explore everything from depression to falling in love. She recounting the experience of growing up in a large family (she has 5 brothers and sisters), she up to describing what it means to be a Latin actress in Hollywwod.

3. She Has an Unusual Obsession With Stranger Things

What fascinates her the most, in addition to the vision of the series, are all the most improbable theories of the fans, who find clues like hunting hounds. Since the first season, she has been part of the online fandom where, in addition to following the various theories, she also shares her own, participating in discussions and comparing herself with other fans about what to expect from the new episodes.

4. In 2019, She Played The First Latin American Disney Princess

In that year she joined the cast of the animated series Elena of Avalor, where she plays Isabel, a princess of Latin origin. The series, consisting of three seasons, tells the story of Princess Elena, daughter of the rulers of Avalon, who on her fifteenth birthday receives a powerful amulet as a gift, capable of protecting her from any danger. Life in the kingdom seems to flow smoothly, until a terrible witch appears who kills Elena’s parents and puts her and her younger sister, Isabel, in great danger, who manage to save themselves only thanks to the amulet and the help of the court magician.

5. The Young Actress is Also Very involved in social work, Where She Holds The Role of Ambassador For UNAIDS

UNAIDS is a United Nations program created to raise public awareness of AIDS. Ortega has this cause very much at heart, and has decided to become its ambassador to honor her grandfather, who died of this disease for which a cure has not yet been found. During a speech on WE DAY in 2017, she spoke out by declaring that she “wants to help eliminate the stigma of AIDS and make it normal, because it is a disease that can affect us all”.

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