Divorce Filing Sparks Buckingham Palace Brawl


At Buckingham Palace there is talk of an imminent divorce after a fight between two royal members. That’s who it is.

A bomb exploded in the English royal family due to the release of the biography of Prince Harry, entitled Spare, which is climbing the best-selling book charts around the world.

In just 24 hours, the work reached the quota of the best-selling books of all time, keeping up with the adventures of Harry Potter when the novels of the saga of the most famous wizard in London were sold from midnight on the day of publication.

Buckingham Palace: here is the couple who are about to divorce
It would seem a coincidence that among the best-selling books of all time, there is the name Harry and London as a place of adventures, but in this case, it is not the fruit of a writer’s imagination but rather the memoirs of one of the most famous princes of the world.

Prince Harry shot zero on his family, after doing it in other situations, but this time he had no mercy for anyone to the point of having something to say even about his mother, Lady Diana.

The woman, who disappeared in 1997, was described by the Duke of Sussex as a woman at times absent while for her stepmother, the Queen consort Camilla, he used the word perfidious to describe her.

The second son of King Charles III, he spared no one and the only person he praised was his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, with whom he maintained an excellent relationship even when both married different people.

And it is precisely to defend his wife Meghan Markle that Harry moved away from the Royal Family, following some episodes that led the couple to decide to move to Montecito in California.

The Rumors From London

According to what was declared by her prince, Kate Middleton, wife of her brother, Prince William, would have repeatedly behaved unkindly towards Meghan to the point of making her cry in despair.

This would have brought a definitive break between him and his brother William, with the latter who after hearing of Harry’s attacks on his wife’s behavior, would have laid hands on him.

But although Harry has repeatedly described his wife as the best thing that ever happened to him, Meghan seems to be about to take an action that she has been planning for some time.

According to some tabloids, the woman would have noticed how the fame she had from the publication of her book and even before her, due to waiting for her, has intensified her husband’s popularity and this would have caused him to lose control over the shares her.

As a result, between the two things seem to have started to go wrong and there are even those who speak of a violent argument that took place in a restaurant in Montecito in front of the eyes of some of their friends.

At the moment there are no confirmations, but the rumors of a divorce between the two are becoming more and more insistent, which should be announced in the coming months, perhaps after the coronation of King Charles III.

If these news were to turn out to be true, Meghan could find herself without children, as it seems that Harry would have signed a clause in which in the event of divorce, the protection of his children will be exclusive on his part as his children, members of the English royal family.

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