EastEnders spoilers: Tameka Empson reveals Kims hopes for Vincent return as Phil Mitchell plays birthing partner


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Kim Fox-Hubbard will be having a very special delivery this Christmas on EastEnders, and Phil Mitchell will be the surprising postman.

The pair find themselves in a very strange situation during Phils innocent trip to the Minute Mart. They accidentally end up locked in the store room and unfortunately for Kim its the exact time she goes into labour. With no one knowing where they are no one comes to rescue them in time. Theres only one person there who can be her birthing partner – Phil must deliver her baby. Little does Kim know what links her substitute midwife has to the disappearance of her beloved Vincent.

Denise is fearful when she doesnt arrive at the concert, and when they spot an ambulance arriving at the shop she fears the worst. But when she arrives, she sees the baby and realises the good deed Phil has done for her sister.

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But though Kim has the joy of a new born in her life, theres still someone missing.

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Speaking about Kim missing Vincent, actress Tameka Empson revealed: I think therell be a point when theyre tucking into their dinner, laughing, having fun and Vincent will cross her mind. Its been such a long time now that when she thinks of him I think it could be with a bit of anger because he literally left her in the lurch.

She cant keep pining after him and wondering where he is, she needs to focus. In her mind Vincent knows where Kim is and if he wanted to come home, he would. I do think a little bit of her is thinking there might be a knock on the door, and hell be there with perfume, flowers and chocolates but I dont know what he would say to Kim. Kim would definitely give it to him.

Without Vincent there, Phil is the one left holding the baby when she suddenly goes into labour.

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(Picture: BBC)

Asked what the scenes were like to film with Steve McFadden, she said: Oh it was hilarious and fun. Its one of those scenes where you dont work with someone that often but when you do you really enjoy it. Ive had a few scenes with Steve and theyve been quite intense, especially when he was going head to head with Vincent, but this time around it was just so much fun.

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We wanted to make the scene right, we didnt want it to become pantomime-like. Obviously our characters are very different and we dont always mix together in the show but I think we did it justice and we both really enjoyed it.

At least this birth isnt during a live episode this time! She added that we might see a beautiful blossoming relationship between these two. Phil Mitchell for godfather?

It would be nice now that theyve shared this moment, obviously it would be a different friendship to him and Denise but I think Phil does like Kim, Tameka teased. Also, because Phil was one of the last people to see Vincent, he might feel guilty for his part in it, or not maybe. I dont know anybody that could hate Kim, so I think it would be nice to see how that develops.

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