Feeling Bold? Then the “Evergreen” Hair-Color Trend Was Made For You


While there are plenty of hair colors out there for those who want a natural change, this is your warning that the following fall trend is not for the faint of heart. As for the überbold who are still reading, allow us to introduce you to the coolest, most badass shade this season: evergreen.

Unlike the neon-green hair trend that reigned supreme in 2019, evergreen is a much deeper shade, making it perfect for the upcoming cozy season. "If your style is ultra edgy, a forest-green hair color is where it's at," colorist Rex Jimieson said. "Green is a mix of blue and yellow, so it looks good on warm and cool skin tones."

Out of all of the drool-worthy hair trends that Jimieson predicted for fall, this one is by far the most adventurous. Any hair transformation is freeing, but the feeling you get after dyeing your hair a color like this is unmatched. That reasoning is exactly why so many people have dyed their hair a bold new hue this summer and why there are no signs of it slowing dRead More – Source

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