Heres how long the baddest of Disney baddies would spend behind bars


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These guys would get a very long time behind bars (Picture: Disney/ Getty)

Disney villains are a nasty bunch, puncturing the dreams of children everywhere and turning them into nightmares.

Theyre a dastardly lot, but some deep delving and they prove even more dastardly than first thought, given the crimes each one has committed.

Sleep easy though kids, not only did this lot get their comeuppance in one way or another, they would all be well behind bars for their crimes had they not been dealt their Disney just desserts in the form of being banished to hell/impaled on a ships mast/confined to a genies lamp for all eternity.

Nastly piece of work Hades, from 1997 movie Hercules, is the front running baddie – hed be 11 years into a 56 year stint had he not fallen into the river of lost souls.

Likewise the awful Scar from The Lion King would be 24 years into his 48 year sentence thanks to the fact he killed a monarch, committed treason and endangered a child, had Simba not left him to be picked apart by the hyenas.



The bods at have done a whole bunch of calculations and discovered exactly how long each of the worst of the Disney baddies would be put away for.

Hades – 56 years

Starred in Hercules, 1997.

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Hades from Hercules

The nastiest of all the nasty guys, Hades would be pretty much rotting in prison at the moment. His crimes total 56 years behind bars, getting the largest chunk of time for committing treason, for which hed get 15 years. Then theres also the fact he attempted to kill a monarch, 10 years, kidnapping a baby, 12 years, endangering thec hild, seven years, false imprisonment five years, and his abuse of power, seven years.

Captain Hook – 53 years

Starred in Peter Pan, 1963

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Hook from Peter Pan

Piracy alone is a pretty big crime, earning him 16 years for his choice in career. Murdering members of his crew earned him a further 15 years, as well as 10 years for attempted murder and 12 years for kidnapping.

Ursula – 50 years

Starred in The Little Mermaid in 1989

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

She was a real cause of nightmares, especially that moment she turned giant and did that horrible laugh. *shudders*. Good to know shed be locked up for 30 years for treason and murder combined (she killed her pals Flotsam and Jetsam at the end), 10 years for attempted murder, five years for fraud and five years for imprisoning those poor unfortunate souls.

Scar – 48 years

Starred in The Lion King, 1994

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Scar from The Lion King

Scar deserves 48 years of solitary confinement for what he did – killing the king, which would get him 15 years in the slammer. Hed then also get a further 15 for treason, 10 for attempted murder, and seven years for endangering Simbas life after he was put in harms way during the stampede. Hed get a further year for assault too, because hes just one nasty piece of work.



Jafar – 47 years

Starred in Aladdin, 1992

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Jafar from Aladdin

Ooh Jafar was a nasty piece of work, trying to come on to a girl a fraction of his age while attempting to overthrow her father, the Sultan and using magic to make the world fall under his power.

Luckily he got more than his 47 years, being trapped in a genies lamp for the rest of eternity. But had he appeared on trial, he would have received 15 years for treason against the Sultan, 10 years for the attempted murder of Aladdin when he banished him to the freezing plains, as well as almost drowning Jasmine in sand, 12 years for kidnapping Jasmine, seven years for abusing his power and three years for thieving the lamp in the first place.

Gaston – 35 years

Starred in Beauty And The Beast – 1981

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Gaston from Beauty And The Beast

If the crime was loving himself too much hed have earned a whole lifetime behind bars, but as it is attempting to murder the beast would have earned him 10 years. His bribery and blackmail would score him another 10 years, with three years for breaking and entering, false imprisonment would get him give years, and his incitement to riot would be punishable too, getting seven years for that one.

Prince John – 23 years

Starred in Robin Hood, 1973

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Prince John from Robin Hood

The thumb-sucking wannabe-king was by far not the worst of the bunch, but his treason would earn him a big stint in jail. Hed get 15 years for trying to overthrow the king, with seven years for abuse of power and an extra year for assault.


The Evil Queen – 22 years

Starred in Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs 1937

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

The Evil Queen from Snow White

This woman would be up for murder had the prince not come along and revived Snow White with a snog. She shaved a few years off her jail time with that one, and would have received 10 years for attempted murder instead. False imprisonment of Snow White and abusing her power would have scored her a further 12.

As it was she died after the dwarfs chased her up a mountain onto a precipice, which was struck by lightning and destroyed, sending her falling to her death.

Cruella De Vil – 14 years

Starred in 101 Dalmations – 1961

Disney villain prison sentences picture: Dinsey METROGRAB

Cruella De Vil

Thankfully this woman was stopped before she skinned alive a load of puppies, so her sentence would be a mere 14 years. Shed get five years for cruelty to animals, seven years for dognapping and of course two years and possibly a lost licence for that dangerous driving she did.

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