Home and Away spoilers: Colby discovers a bleeding and traumatised Bella

Bella is traumatised since Tommy (Picture: Channel 5)

Bella (Courtney Miller) has been struggling with the trauma of her dangerous visit from Tommy (Adam Sollis), which resulted in him attempting to sexually assault her and Irene (Lynne McGranger) battering him unconscious after finding them in the bedroom. After an outpouring of emotion to big brother Colby (Tim Franklin), Bella is worried that shes coming across as too needy, and does her best to put on a brave face.

Moving back in with Colby, Bella apologises for being such a downer lately. However, when she comes out of her room, she starts panicking when she finds that Colby isnt in the apartment. Quickly becoming frantic, she repeatedly calls his name until he comes back in, wondering whats wrong. Realising he was just taking the trash out, Bella tries to compose herself again and brush her panic aside.

Colby tries to talk about Bella going back to school, but when he suggests that by not going, she is letting Tommy win, she suddenly explodes, yelling at him not to say his name and running to her room. A helpless Colby is left wondering how hes going to get through to his sister and help her through this difficult time.

Colby in Summer Bay
Colby doesnt know how to help Bella (Picture: Channel 5)

Later, Willow (Sarah Roberts) offers to keep an eye on Bella, and she learns that Bella doesnt feel comfortable talking about the Tommy situation with him. She coaxes Bella out for a walk along the beach, but when Dean (Patrick OConnor) comes up to them and greets them, she is set off when he touches her arm in a friendly manner. She recoils from him in fear and runs away, leaving Dean confused and wondering what he did wrong.



That night, Colby is woken up by a strange sound. He goes out into the kitchen to find Bella cleaning up broken glass. She got woken up by a bad dream and is clearly still shaken. Seeing that her hand is bleeding, Colby reaches out to help her, but she recoils again, frightened at the prospect of a man touching her. She breaks down, sobbing, leaving Colby even more at a loss atRead More – Source