Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy makes a huge decision about her marriage

Brody and Ziggy have been struggling for a while (Picture: Channel 5)

Over the last few weeks, Brody and Ziggys marriage has been on the rocks, and Ziggy is about to make a decision that will leave him reeling. When Ben runs into Brody, he recommends that he talk with his wife about the future, as she keeps feeling like shes doing something wrong.

When the pair talk about what they want to move towards as a couple, Brody reveals he wants to buy a house, have kids and open a restaurant in the city. But Ziggy isnt on the same page, saying she likes Summer Bay because she can go surfing and have fun like young couples should.

When Ziggy tells Ben about their conversation, she says shes worried that Brody is talking about having kids again and it makes her want to run away. Ben says that saving for a house would be a good place to start, and offers to help them out. However, Ziggy says that saving is something they have to do on their own.

Brody has been seeing Simone behind Ziggys back (Picture: Channel 5)

Ziggy goes to find Brody at Salt, and tells him she wants the same things as him. Shes happy to start with house hunting, and Brody is taken aback. As Ziggy talks about plans for their future house, Brody tells her to slow down, leaving her confused about his mixed messages.



Later on, the pair are out with Justin and Tori when Ziggy reveals shes made a big decision about her future with Brody – shes sold the honeymoon vouchers Maggies mum gave her, and put the money into a savings account for a house instead. Brody is stunned – while Ziggy is planning for her future with him, hes wondering what it might look like with Simone…

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