I Have Nothing But Respect For This Pitcher Who Won A Game After Viciously Puking On The Mound


A division three baseball pitcher is getting national attention this week for locking in a win after violently throwing up on the mound.

Nick Bosma, a pitcher for Rhodes College and now national hero, was in charge of closing out a game against Franklin when he appeared to get violently ill on the mound.

Mind you, at the time this game was being played, Rhodes was rated no. four and Franklin was sitting at no. five. So, this was a make-or-break type of situation. Its top-level D3 competition. Athletics at its finest.

When Bosma took the mound, it was 4–2 Rhodes, but hed just walked the first guy. Not a great start to the 9th inning. And he must have sensed it because Bosma started viciously vomiting all over the field. The footage is truly a sight to behold.

Luckily, its from far away, so you dont really have to see to yucky part.

#4 Rhodes vs. #5 Franklin from earlier today

Rhodes, up 4-2 heading to the 9th, brings in closer Nick Bosma to lock down the save

Bosma then:

– walks the leadoff guy
– steps off the mound
– vomits
– tells coach hes fine
– gets a pop out and double play to end it

#d3b pic.twitter.com/uf6AVzwfjg

— The Podcast About D3 Baseball (@D3BaseballPod) May 17, 2018

But not only does this closer say hes good to keep on playing — he ends up winning the game for Rhodes. I mean, this is a display of not only perseverance but unstoppable courage.

Its not clear why Bosma was sick in the first place, but Im going to go out on a limb and guess this wasnt a stomach bug. He probably had a little too much fun the night before. Happens to the best of us. And I know somebody who actually attended Rhodes College. Trust me. Those people are animals.

But Bosma handled it like a champ, and now hes one of the coolest guys on the internet. Not a bad way to finish out the semester.

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