Julia Roberts’ 20 Best Films Ranked by Thrillist


Julia Roberts has starred in some of the most memorable movies of all time, so it’s no surprise that her 20 greatest performances have been ranked in a new list by Thrillist. In this article, we’ll look at her work in the Ocean’s trilogy, the Mike Nichols adaptation of Patrick Marber, and the Tony Gilroy masterpiece Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Julia Roberts’ character in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy

Julia Roberts plays a key role in the second installment of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’ trilogy as Tess, Danny Ocean’s wife. She plays a crucial role in the heist plan that is set up in Ocean’s II. The gang intends to take advantage of Tess’ resemblance to another actress. The two films share some similarities in their plotlines, but the movie also has one major flaw that threatens to undermine the suspension of disbelief of the audience and the universe itself.

The first film of the series was the most successful of the three, with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon all appearing in leading roles. Roberts was also cast in a key role as a prankster. In fact, “The Aviator” was an all-star vehicle, earning $450 million worldwide.

Soderbergh’s Ocean’s films have a unique visual style that sets them apart from many other heist movies. The first movie, Ocean’s Eleven, was a commercial hit, while Ocean’s Thirteen is a satirical, darkly humorous, and sometimes darkly comical thriller. Both Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle are excellent, and the series is a must-see for fans of Soderbergh’s work.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Mike Nichols’ adaptation of Patrick Marber

Despite the gloomy plot and the unfavorable reviews, the Oscar-winning actress turns in one of her best performances of her career. The film’s plot revolves around the love triangle between a wealthy Houston socialite and a congressman. Both actors have great chemistry together, but Julia Roberts’ performance shines above them all.

Closer is based on Patrick Marber’s novel. Four strangers meet, fall in love, and betray each other over the course of several years. Julia Roberts meets Dan Law during a photo shoot, and the two fall in love. Meanwhile, Alice Portman meets her husband, a dermatologist named Larry, and they end up marrying each other. The story of their love triangle is one that’s sure to leave audiences speechless.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Closer is brilliant and perfectly captures the emotional conflict of the play. In a role that is usually reserved for men, Julia Roberts is as good as perfect as a woman. In a role that is suited to her personality and her chemistry with Clive Owen, she shows the complexity of her character and the complexities of the story.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Tony Gilroy’s Con-Artist Romance

Julia Roberts’ performance in Tony Gilroy’s comedy-drama Con-Artist Romance is one of her lesser-known film performances. She is a bit of a chameleon in this film, with little dialogue and little screen time. Her role is overshadowed by her brother Eric, who is a more popular film star.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Tony Gilroy’s comedy-drama is as fine as her work in Michael Clayton, Tony Gilroy’s previous hit. The movie’s wry detachment and dispassion are notable, and it evokes earlier comedies that gave Julia Roberts lively leading men and good material.

As a former television actress, Roberts proves that she’s not lost any star power despite her advancing years. Her performance in Tony Gilroy’s film is subtle, yet full of intellectual sexiness. The film’s final act is quite dramatic.

The film follows the lives of two ex-MI6 and CIA operatives who fall in love and become entangled in an espionage plot. Roberts plays the former Hollywood diva while Owen plays the former MI6 agent. The film is filled with betrayals, well-timed silences, and deceit. The film is also a love story between a woman and a man.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Confessions of a Dangerous mind has a strong cast and a very clever script, but Julia Roberts’ performance is understated and unsubtle. She tries to be the perfect agent but fails miserably, which makes her character more unlikable. While George Clooney and Julia Roberts are fine as their characters, their chemistry doesn’t translate to a solid film.

Julia Roberts has always been good at playing difficult roles. ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ is no exception. The acclaimed actress makes a character as complex as Chuck Barris – a man with a twisted mind – as both tragic and inspirational as a story of human triumph. It is a rare performance in which a talented actress demonstrates a truly admirable trait.

Julia Roberts’ performance in Confessions has won awards and is a standout among her many other memorable roles. Its dark humour is a highlight of the film, and it is a very accurate recreation of American history. While the film was a critical flop, it remains a dark comedy and a suspenseful Cold War spy film. Although the movie is a disappointment for some, it is a gem that will endure with viewers for years to come.