Kevin Hart Back Home and Can’t Believe He’s Alive



Kevin Hart has checked out of his in-patient rehab facility and is back home where he's receiving intensive physical therapy, but the big takeaway … he's "grateful" and "shocked" he's alive.

Sources very close to Kevin tell us, he's looked at the photos of the car crash and can't believe anyone walked out alive. TMZ broke the story, Kevin messed up his back something bad — 3 spinal fractures that required fusion.

He spent 10 days in the hospital under heavy pain meds and was then transferred to the in-patient facility, but he's home now. He has a physical therapist coming to his house most days … and he's doing lots of stretching and exercises with therapy bands.

He's still in a lot of pain but says he's handling it without all the meds that knocked him out.

We're also told he's not worried about the injuries torpedoing his career … doctors and the P.T. have assured him he'll be pretty much back to where he was before the accident, and he had nothing immediate on his plate work-wise, so he can focus on bouncing back.

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