Meetup to exchange game console in Southern California includes gunshots


Four men were arrested in Garden Grove when a meetup to sell a gaming console resulted with gunshots, police said.

Two men selling the console met up with two prospective buyers Tuesday night, Nov. 24, Garden Grove Sgt. Nick Jensen said.

The exchange had been set up on social media, and at about 8:35 p.m. the four gathered in the 9700 block of Royal Palm Boulevard, a residential area.

“During the meet, an altercation took place and one of the buyers brandished a firearm and fired at the sellers,” Jensen said in a statement.

No one was hit.

A loaded gun and a replica firearm were found at the scene and all four men were arrested, Jensen said. Police said the four, whose names had not been released, were not from the area and it was unclear why they met up in that neighborhood.