Meghan Markle’s Baby Bump Provokes Outrage In England


Not much time has passed since the release of the documentary Netflix “Harry and Meghan”, in which the couple told their story without neglecting the background of the Royal Family.

The series kicked off an online storm against the two, who since 2020 have given up on their public positions and moved to Canada, and then moved to California, where they currently live in the former villa of Mel Gibson in Santa Barbara.

The removal From The Royal Family

The actress (famous for having starred in several films, including “High of love”, “traveling with a rock star” and “How to kill the head … and live happily”) went up to the headlines in 2016, After making the relationship with the most rebellious of the royal family official, Harry.

Although their story has always been very talked about, the couple went on undaunted by putting love in the first place. In 2018 they got married at the Chapel of San Giorgio and after a year they gave birth to their eldest son, Archie Harrison.

After dealing with a miscarriage, Meghan became a mother for the second time with the birth of Lilibet Diana. Two years ago the actress and the husband made a drastic decision leaving Royal Family and moving to the United States together with their children.

Meghan did not keep his discontent hidden within the royal family. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, last year, he openly accused the entourage of racism explaining that he did not feel protected.

In the recent Netflix documentary he opened up to disconcerting revelations together with Harry, also showing unpublished sides of the family. An example are the photos taken while it was pregnant, with the “baby bump” in sight, considered not very consonant for a member of the royal house.

The Controversies During Pregnancy

Meghan has proven not to be afraid of launching proofs to her husband’s family. According to the most recent news, at the moment he would be working on a biography on his life. The news has already attracted the curiosity of media and public, waiting to meet new shocking information on the Royal Family.

The controversies did not spare the actress even while she was pregnant. During a visit to Tonga, in fact, Meghan was harshly attacked and accused only for a dress of the dress.

Or rather, two: it was immortalized wearing a red dress to which the shop label were attached and the one for the change of the dress. The fans of the royal family did not spare her from her, stating that she should have paid more attention and that she would never have made a similar error.

Fortunately, many have defended him by trying to immerse himself in his situation: “It can happen, these days are hard and changed the dress very often” commented on some users on the web: that of Meghan, according to them, was a distraction that could have anyone.

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