Pick up an artist-designed protest sign for New York’s climate strike


Climate strike protest signs designed by Justin Brice Guariglia © Justin Brice Guariglia

New Yorkers in need of an eye-catching protest sign for Friday's global climate can head down to Foley Square today, where the artist and activist Justin Brice Guariglia and the Romanian poet Andrei Cordescu are passing out free placards. The colourful designs feature images of extreme weather patterns overlaid with “eco-haikus” Guariglia has created in collaboration with the philosopher Timothy Morton as well as text from his previous flashing alert installations, seen at the Storm King sculpture park and Governors Island, among other venues. The project, which Guariglia previously presented at the Anchorage Museum in Alaska this summer, is about “giving people a vocabulary and language around the issues around our ecological crisis”, he says. Signs emblazoned Read More – Source