Romil Choudharys Bigg Boss 12 journey


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romil choudhary bigg boss Romil Choudhary is one of the five finalists of Bigg Boss season 12.

Romil Choudhary is no more just a regular lawyer from Haryana. Today, he is one of the five finalists of Big Boss 12 and a strong contender for the winner title.


Ahead of the grand finale of the Salman Khan hosted reality show, here is a glimpse at Romils journey on the show.

Romil began on a low note

Standing taller than any other contestant this season, Romil has the personality to garner fans. He entered the Bigg Boss 12 house with his friend Nirmal Singh, and mostly remained an onlooker for the first few weeks.

Romils re-entry

Romil and Nirmal got eliminated early on the show. But it was only after his re-entry in the house, with wildcard Surbhi Rana, that we got to see a changed Romil. Soon, he grabbed eyeballs for speaking his mind and came across as a sharp, no-nonsense man who never really messed around with anyone unless instigated. He formed the Happy Club with Deepak, Somi and Surbhi in order to target the celebrities. His mind games ensured that several other contestants faced the sword of eviction. It didnt take him a long time to become the audience favourite.

Romil, the mastermind


A strongly opinionated man, Romil initially had no qualms about calling a spade, a spade. He was smart, played some intelligent games and even manipulated people for his own good, receiving the title of “mastermind”, which was reserved by Vikas Gupta in the previous season.

Romil lost his friends

There came a point when Romil found himself at the receiving end of allegations of backstabbing his friends. His constant friction with Sreesanth and Dipika was also a point of contention inside the house.

Romil and Somi

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Romil had a soft corner for Somi. This was evident from the very beginning when the two found a confidant in each other. This was further proved when Romil sacrificed his chance of listening to his familys message so that Somi could receive hers. Though they always asserted that they were friends, the obvious awkwardness became evident during the last weeks when they made deliberate attempts to stay away from each other.

Romil, the sleeping beauty

Though he was always the lazy one in the house, in the last one month, he was caught on cameras dozing off several times. Despite repeated warnings, he continued with his habit and even got everyone to face the wrath of the Bigg Boss.

Romil, the winner?

When celebrity numerologist Sanjay Jumaani came as a guest on the Bigg Boss 12 Diwali special episode, he made quite a few predictions, and one of them was Romil being one of the finalists. While Jumaani was ready to put his money on Romil, he also said that Romil had a bright future. Well, a part of his prediction did come true as Romil stands as one of the five finalists. But does he have what it takes to win Bigg Boss 12?

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