This No-Equipment Workout Will Ignite Parts of Your Body You Didn’t Know Existed


There's so much to love about a strong midsection — most importantly, it's essential for a healthy body. Fact: strengthening the core helps improve posture, prevent everyday injury, and combats chronic back pain, which is all too common if you sit at a desk all day. This is exactly why no workout with Austin Lopez, BS, CSCS, and trainer at DIAKADI is complete without a dedicated section of core work. During a recent session with Austin, he tortured treated me to the following bodyweight circuit, which he tacked on after an already intense section of leg and shoulder work. It was tough, I sweated like a crazy person, but damn if I didn't feel every muscle in my core working.

Austin recommends adding this circuit toward the end of any — and all — of your workouts since the body will be warmed up and ready for the challenge. Keep in mind that this isn't a beginner workout, "If you feel your back or hip flexors too much while doing thRead More – Source