‘TurDunkin’ Thanksgiving turkey recipe stuffed with doughnut holes finds renewed interest in 2020


Apparently, America runs on Dunkin-stuffed turkey this year.

Answering the rhetorical question  — “What will they think of next?” —  is the newest trending holiday feast: the TurDunkin’, a recipe involving turkey, doughnut holes and sprinkles from the innovative minds of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The almost too-Boston recipe – that is not to be confused with the turducken­ – actually debuted on Unwholesome Foods blog in May 2010. However, as Thanksgiving around the country looks different this year due to the pandemic, the atypical turkey option has (somewhat fittingly) found new interest on the internet after Boston Magazine posted an article about it.

According to one of the recipe creators, Beth Baniszewski, the saccharine take on a Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t bad.

“Pretty good! Sweet and sour in the right way,” she told Boston Magazine. “In retrospect, we should have gone with a traditional red-eye gravy. You live, you learn.” The recipe uses a coffee gravy that was described as “burnt” tasting.

Though the founders of the poultry dish seemed on board with their creation, not all are interested in gobbling it up.

There were a handful of hungry parties, though.

For those interested in recreating this sweet-and-salty-and-hotly-contested meal, all you need is Dunkin Donuts’ orange and strawberry Coolattas, along with some spices and water for the brine, and a 50-piece box of Munchkins from the coffee chain to stuff inside the brined-and-pink (according to pictures on the blog) turkey for the stuffing. The recipe also calls for vegetable broth, onion and sage to be combined with the doughnuts for the stuffing.