Vodafone to Reintroduce Roaming Fees for UK Customers in Europe From August 2021

Europe Update

Vodafone is set to reintroduce roaming charges for UK customers in Europe from August 2021. These charges won’t affect all customers at once, and Vodafone has some ways for you to keep roaming costs under control. There are also inclusive roaming plans available from the provider. These plans will include a roaming allowance, which will be capped at PS2 per day.

Three Mobile’s daily roaming charge is capped at PS2

After five years of free roaming across Europe, Three has decided to bring roaming charges back for its customers. From 23 May 2022, Three customers will have to pay a daily roaming charge of PS2 within the EU and PS5 outside the EU. As part of the transition, Three has also ended its “Go Roam” roaming offer, which allowed contract holders to take their contract allowances abroad without incurring roaming charges.

There are other ways to avoid paying roaming charges. You can buy roaming pass, which enables you to use your UK allowance in 104 more countries. The only drawback to this plan is the fact that you have to opt-in to the roaming pass, which will cost you around PS2 a day. If you want to save money, consider opting for an eight-day or 15-day roaming pass. If you have a contract with Vodafone, roaming will still be included in your contract.

EE’s roaming zones

The UK’s largest telecoms companies are re-introducing roaming charges for customers in the European Union. Vodafone is the first to introduce these fees, while EE will start charging in 2022. Both operators are reversing a recent decision to scrap roaming charges following Brexit. The UK’s four main network operators had previously said that roaming charges would not be reinstated post-Brexit. The new charges will be charged at the rate of PS1 per day.

Three Mobile’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) with data caps

Fair Usage Policies, or FUP, limit how much data a subscriber can use. These limits are set so that heavy users will not overfill the data connection. However, they have not kept up with users’ increasing needs. Users who download videos, music, or even text often are likely to hit the data cap. This means that a subscriber will have a decreased speed and the internet connection will be throttled until the data cap is reached.

If you go over your fair usage limit, you are committing a violation. In such a case, the company will contact you and ask you to reduce your data usage or upgrade to a higher data plan. If you continue to exceed your fair usage limit, your account may be suspended.

VOXI’s Fair Usage Policy

The fair usage policy of mobile operators is set to prevent the companies from charging their customers for excessive data use. This policy applies to roaming data across Europe, as well as the UK. Most operators limit their customers to a certain amount of data and will suspend or cancel their accounts if they exceed this limit. However, VOXI has stated that they will attempt to contact their customers before they go over this limit.

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