Avengers 4 fan theory explains how heroes can come back without time travel


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Avengers - Age of Ultron - Key Art

How do you solve a problem like Infinity War? (Picture: Marvel)

How do you bring back several beloved Avengers who perished in Infinity War but need to return to this world for a sequel or two?

That would have been the dilemma facing the Disney, Marvel and the Russo Brothers as they began work on the upcoming still-untitled Avengers 4 knowing that Thanos was going to win the battle in Infinity War and kill a huge group of superheroes.

Theories galore now populate the internet and fandom, with the most common and seemingly obvious theory including time travel; theories that have been helped along by set pictures of our heroes in original costumes or, in some cases, haircuts.

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If Cap will be back in the original suit, does time travel have to be considered? (Picture: Disney)

The biggest issue many fans have with time travel, however, is that if time is simply reversed, undoing Thanos snap and bringing everyone back to life as if nothing ever happened, then it diminishes those heartbreaking deaths in the third Avengers film.



Enter a different theory, that can bring back our heroes without minimalising their deaths and getting producers out of the quandary of needing Spidey and co alive for their standalone films.

If you delve into what the Infinity Stones can do, you would know that the Soul Stone can bring the dead back to life and the Mind Stone can control anothers actions, shared Reddit user filopj.

You probably see where Im going here.

Oh yes we do.

I believe that Thanos will resurrect all the heroes he has dusted and will use either the Mind or Soul Stone to control them and have them act as his minions, suggested filopj.

If you want, you can also add that he uses the Power Stone to enhance their powers. Or have the Power Stone amplify the affects of the Mind Stone. They could be tasked with keeping the universes population at half but more importantly fight off the Avengers should they make an attempt to steal the Infinity Stones.

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Now, there are some flaws to this theory – namely, why have we seen the likes of Captain American in his First Avenger outfit? – but the idea that Thanos would bring these heroes back to life to use as his own foot soldiers would have a sweet irony, and would add a twist to things.



The only way to break the spell would be to either destroy the Mind Stone or steal it, which is no easy task, concluded filopj – but the idea does tie neatly into a spoiler Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan, offered in April when he claimed that there was one scene during filming of Avengers 4 where everybody was there.

I knew it took them three months in planning this scene to have everyone there, he said.

You look around and you just saw everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Douglas to Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody was there.

Having everybody altogether on one set sure does seem like a pivotal scene, one that perhaps sees all the good guys reunited on the same team for the first time in a while?

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